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A Fun & Festive Fat Burner!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Cathe Claus’s 2018 Calorie Crush Workout

Cathe Live Workout Group Picture

Cathe Live Review: Cathe Claus’s 2018 Calorie Crush Workout

This is a really fun cardio / metabolic Cathe Live workout that has tons of variety and absolutely flew by. As this was filmed just before Christmas, Cathe and crew are all decked out in Christmas outfits. Cathe has on a Santa outfit and most of the class have on t-shirts with ‘Cathe’s Little Elves’ on the front – all very cute!

The routine is a mixture of cardio blasts and metabolic strength exercises, which are compound moves with light dumbbells. The cardio blasts are done with no equipment, light dumbbells or with the resistance loop. These include things like jacks, scissors, plie jacks and touch down jacks etc. The cardio blasts are not too long and although they are all high impact you could easily modify them, if required. The workout moves very quickly from one thing to the next and each of the exercises are also performed at a fast pace.

I would class this workout as more of a cardio / metabolic workout - as the strength work is using very light weights so it is definitely not targeting true muscle building. The metabolic strength training is generally also not too high rep, with the exception of the shoulder presses, with the resistance loop around the hands, I really felt these! Due to the nature of this workout it would probably be quite challenging to go too much heavier with your weights though as you are moving very quickly and incorporating several different muscle groups at one time. I did increase my weights on a few of the exercises but certainly not all of them, as I might have done if the moves had been slower.

Surprisingly, this workout wasn’t quite as intense as I was expecting. If you have done ‘Keep the Cardio Coming Live’, for example, a previous Christmas workout, then you will know what I am talking about. That was a very tough cardio / metabolic workout and I was expecting that this would be a similar challenge, as Cathe’s pre-Christmas workouts are generally pretty challenging on the cardio front. Although it wasn’t anywhere near that level it was definitely a fun, fast paced workout that I really loved. There is absolutely no dread factor here and it has so much variety and moves quickly from exercise to exercise that you don’t have time to worry about what’s coming next. The workout ends with a number of cardio blasts, done one after the other, and this for me elevated the level of the workout a bit more – generally though I would class it as one of Cathe’s easier cardio workouts.

As I didn’t feel that this workout was quite enough on its own and I would like to do a little more - I also did Cathe’s Breathless Upper Body Live afterwards (this workout will also be reviewed on this blog). This workout also included cardio blasts, this time mixed with upper body, and this combination of the two routines worked very nicely.

(In case you are not familiar with Cathe Live - it is a streaming service from veteran fitness professional Cathe Friedrich, where she provides access to her live classes filmed at her gym in Jersey. Currently, there are over 200 workouts available in the archive, which you can access at any time and a new class is recorded nearly every week. More details are provided at the end of this article).

The workout

Cathe Claus’s 2018 Calorie Crush Workout is a cardio / metabolic workout that is not too high rep and moves quickly from exercise to exercise. There is lots of variety and the moves are generally not repeated except for some of the blasts. The majority of workout mixes cardio blasts (generally 1 or 2 moves repeated for a set number of reps) with metabolic strength exercises. However the workout ends with a giant set of cardio blasts – just a number of cardio blasts, with very short if any rests, back to back. Most of these are repeats of the blasts that were already completed but she also throws in few extras, such as snowboards!

What You Need To Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Cathe Claus’s 2018 Calorie Crush Workout is 47 minutes long and originally aired on 20th December 2018. The workout starts with a long and fairly gentle 6:30 minute warm up to ease you into the workout. This section ends with air squats then a quick break before moving into the first blast. (Cardio intervals are shown in italics below).

· 3 Rope climbs & 1 elbow strike

· Side sumo squat & pivot to 1 arm overhead press – one 10# db

Side sumo squat & pivot to 1 arm overhead press

· Jacks & scissors with the resistance loop

Jacks & Scissors with Loop

· Squat touch down jacks with resistance loop

· Firewalkers (side steps) – 4 to side & 4 traveling forward on diagonal – with resistance loop

· Crossback lunge & hammer curls – two 10# dbs

Crossback lunges & hammer curls

· Double pulse lunge

· Alternating rear lunge & overhead press (singles & then 3 overhead presses) – two 10# dbs

· Alternating side lunges reaching one dumbbell to outside foot – two 5# dbs

· 1 Leg deadlifts with upright row at the top of the move – two 10# dbs

· Lateral skates

· Alternating side sumo squats with front raise (one dumbbell held horizontally in both hands) – one 10# db (I used one 12# db)

Alternating Side Sumo Squat with Front Raise

· Band shoulder pulls with resistance loop around the wrists (these are really tough and there are about a million reps!)

band Shoulder Pulls with loop

· 4 Icebreakers & 4 long reach lunges

· Lateral sumo squats – 4 sumo squats to the side with dumbbells held under the chin – two 10# dbs

· Alternating rear lunge with iron cross – two 5# dbs

· Squat & knee twist – one 10# db

· Alternating knee lifts with bicep curls & W curls – two 8# dbs (I used 10’s)

· Plie jacks with resistance loop

Plie jacks with resistance loop

· Tricep kickbacks – two 10# dbs

· 4 Pop squats, jump rope & 4 jacks with resistance loop

· Rear delt flys – two 10# dbs

Cardio Giant Set

· 3 Rope climbs & 1 elbow strike

· Double pulse lunges

· Shuffle, shuffle, drop

· Snowboards – (facing to the outside of your room crouch down with one hand touching the floor and then jump up to change sides)


· Shuffle, shuffle, drop

· Snowboards (starting other side)

· 4 Icebreakers & 4 long reach lunges

· Plie Jacks with resistance loop

· 4 Pop squats, jump rope & 8 jacks with resistance loop

The workout ends with a quick 3 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

Try it today! Cathe Live is a streaming service available from – you can subscribe to monthly ($9.99 pm), six monthly or yearly plans and has over 200 live workouts in the archive for you to access at any time.

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1 Comment

May 20, 2021

Fun and sweaty. I upped my weights to 10s and 12s in lieu of 8s and 10s.

It definitely made a difference in the compound moves. Though firewalker loop cardio is really intimidating to me, I'm proud to say I completed all of it with the medium green loop.

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