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Cathe Live Review: Crush It: Low Impact (#83)

Cathe Live Review: Crush It: Low Impact (#83)

Crush It: Low Impact is a very light but fun cardio workout that reminded me of Cathe’s ICE: Low Impact Sweat DVD.

This is a very enjoyable workout but it is definitely intermediate in level and at only 35 minutes, of which only about 25 minutes is the actual routine, it is more of an add-on workout just to get some movement into your day. What surprised me a little is that Cathe is usually very good at making high intensity, low impact, workouts (think Afterburn, RwH Low Impact etc) but this wasn’t one of them. Although she does actually jump most of the lifted moves (and I did too), it still didn’t get my heart rate up that much. Also Cathe does one of her longest stretches, in Live, for this class at 4:30 minutes and this workout just doesn’t justify that. However, having said all of that I still really like this workout for a recovery day or to add on to something else.

The workout consists of twenty one different drills that are a combination of straight cardio drills and more metabolic strength moves. Many of the moves are lifted directly from the ICE DVD and, as with the DVD, Cathe uses light dumbbells for this one, 3 and 5 pounds, and I used 5 and 8 pounds but could have gone heavier. The reps are not very high and you get little breaks between most of them, which brings the heart rate down a little. Most of the moves are not repeated, unless they need to be done on the other side of the body.

Overall, this is an intermediate level cardio workout that you can do low or higher impact. It definitely lacks the intensity of many of Cathe’s other low impact routines but is a fun routine nevertheless.

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The Workout

Crush It: Low Impact is a cardio workout consisting of twenty one different drills.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Crush It: Low Impact is 35 minutes long and originally aired on 7th January 2016 (#83). The workout starts with a 5 minute warm-up, before a quick water break and then moving into the first drill. You will need your mat (if you are using one) and dumbbells nearby. (I did all the moves without a mat). Cathe is often jumping many of these moves but you can keep them low impact, if you prefer.

  • Lateral Skates (forward & back across the mat) – mat – 32 reps & 48 reps

  • Side lunges & 1 leg abduction (x3’s) – mat – 7 sets on each side

  • L slides (around corner of mat) – mat – 8 sets

  • Squat digs – 24 reps

  • L slides (other side) – mat – 12 sets

  • Squat digs – 24 reps

  • Sumo pulse walks (straddling mat) – two 5# Dbs (I used 8’s) & mat – 6 sets each side

  • Jump shot & 6 knee repeater – mat – 10 sets

  • Shot put throw (hold 5# DB in one hand, shuffle forward then punch DB forward, shuffle back) – one 5# Db – 12 reps

  • Ice breakers – 32 reps

  • Shot put throw (other side) – one 5# Db – 8 reps

  • Pivoting apple pickers – 40 reps

  • Forward pick up lunge (lunge forward, place DB on floor, stand & raise knee at top, lunge forward & pick up DB) – one 5# Db (I used 1x 8) – 12 reps each side

  • 1 Arm clean & press (squat w db at shoulder, pivot & stand w 1 arm O/H press then squat & lunge down) - Cathe uses one 5# & one 3# DB held in one hand (I used 1x 8) – 8 sets each side

  • Long reach lunges – 48 reps

  • Explosive side to side lunges - one 5# Db – 24 reps

  • Lateral hops – one 5# Db – 16 reps

  • Pull & pound – 17 reps (1st side) & 16 reps (2nd side)

  • High/low punches (with little jumps) – 24 reps each side

  • Dynamic squat abductions (fast) – 40 reps

  • Standing outer thigh lifts – 28 reps (alternating), 32 reps (1st side) & 56 reps (2nd side)

The workout ends with a 4:30 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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1 Comment

Sep 03, 2020

This looked too easy so I added some modifications to up the intensity:

Grabbed an 8 for the lateral skates and air squats.

Grabbed a 5 for the side lunge +abduction.

Grabbed a 5 for the jump shot knee repeater.

Grabbed a 10 for the L slides.

Grabbed an 8 for the pick up lunges.

Grabbed a 10 for the one Arm clean and press.

I got a decent workout.

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