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Cathe Live Review: Lift It Hiit It Legs (#79)

Cathe Live: Lift It Hiit It Legs

Cathe Live Review: Lift It Hiit It Legs (#79)

Lift It Hiit It Legs is a cardio and strength workout focused on the lower body. This routine is based on Cathe’s DVD of the same name, which is one of my favourites, and this is just as good as that one.

As with the DVD, this workout alternates Hiit drills with strength exercises for the lower body. The cardio intervals are all very straightforward – just one move repeated for a set number of reps. Unlike the DVD though, you are usually doing at least two and sometimes three sets of each drill. They really got my heart rate up nicely and provided a good challenge in between the strength moves. The structure of the exercises is based on contrast training so within each round the strength and cardio moves are aiming to hit similar muscle groups. So for example, you do squats for the strength move and follow these with squat digs for the cardio. (The other difference to the DVD is that you start with cardio rather than a strength move here). There are eleven rounds in total with a few jacks thrown in as an intermission or ‘just because drill’ as Cathe calls them.

The strength exercises are all heavy weight exercises. Cathe used a barbell at 45 pounds and dumbbells for this routine. As I don’t like using the barbell, I used dumbbells and a 40 pound kettlebell (for plie squats but you could use dumbbells here too) and had no issues. As the exercises are designed for heavier weights, they are done at a very controlled pace and are not too high rep so you can really heavy up here, if you want to. The rep patterns are also very straightforward so no pulsing in this one. With the right weights you will definitely start to feel these exercises. I would encourage you to go as heavy as you can safely manage, to really get the most out of it. I will definitely be increasing further the next time I do this one.

I really enjoyed the routine and I think I like it even more than the DVD – for one thing there is a bit more cardio and secondly there are no tuck jumps or explosive side lunges (both of which I hate!)

Overall, this is an excellent and fun, cardio and strength workout that works the lower body well. This is definitely one to heavy up on and feel the burn.

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The Workout

Lift It Hiit It Legs is a cardio and strength workout focused on the lower body. The routine alternates Hiit drills with traditional lower body strength exercises. Cathe used a 45 pound barbell and moderate dumbbells for this routine. I used dumbbells and a 40 pound kettlebell.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 43 mins. Equipment needed:  45# barbell & 10 - 15# dumbbells (I also used 20 & 22# dumbbells & a 40# kettlebell). Optional - Lifting gloves. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 4/5. Coordination: 1/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Lift It Hiit It Legs is 43 minutes long and originally aired on 11th December 2015 (#79). The workout starts with an active 7 minute warm-up before moving into the first cardio drill. The barbell is set up at 45 pounds (2 big plates on each side) at the start of the workout and does not change throughout the routine. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below.

  • Squat Digs - 3 sets of 16 reps

  • Squats – two 15# dumbbells (I used 22’s) – 24 reps

  • Split jumps (jumping in static lunge) - 16 & 12 reps each side

  • Static lunges – one 15# dumbbell – 24 reps each side

  • Touch down jacks – 18 reps

  • Plié squats – 45# barbell (I used a 40# kettlebell) – 22 reps & 4x 3 pulses

  • Power scissors (alternating jump lunges) - 2 sets of 24 reps

  • Rear lunges – two 10# dumbbells (I used 12’s) – 4 sets (2x 3 pulses & 4x singles alternating)

  • Squat lunge combo (hopping) / plie squat hops – 16 reps & 32 reps (squat hops)

  • Wide stance deadlifts – 45# barbell (I used two 22# dumbbells) – 12 reps (2/2 count)

  • Snow angel jacks - 2 sets of 10 reps

Snow Angel Jacks

  • Wide stance deadlift / narrow stance deadlift – 45# barbell (I used two 22# dumbbells) – 8 reps & 8 reps (narrow)

  • Lateral skates – 48 reps

  • Crossback lunges – one 15# dumbbell – 2x 15 pulses, 6x 7 pulses

  • Ice breakers - 2 sets of 24 reps

  • Plié squats – 45# barbell (I used 40# kettlebell) – 8x singles, 1x 8 count hold, 4x 3 count hold & 8x singles

  • Air jacks - 3 sets of 10 reps

  • Squats – two 15# dumbbells (I used 20’s) – 24 reps

  • High reaching pop squats - 3 sets of 10 reps

  • Cardio intermission: jacks – 32 reps

  • Pivoting sumo squats – one 15# dumbbell – 12x 3 pulses & 8x singles

  • Hammer punch lunge & knee pull / jacks – 24 reps each side with 12 jacks in between

  • Static lunges – two 15# dumbbells – 24 reps each side

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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2020년 8월 26일

Strenuous workout, but I did well. I think muscle memory saved the day-- I used to do the DVD version every week , for a long time--- a former workout staple.

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