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Cathe Live Review: Metabolic 300 (#300)

Cathe Live Review: Metabolic 300 (#300)

Metabolic 300 is a really fun, metabolic strength workout with a cardio finisher. This is the 300th Cathe Live workout and so there are balloons, big signs saying 300, in the background, and Cathe starts with party streamers.

The workout is based on the concept of 300 – so there are supposed to be 30 different metabolic strength exercises that you each do for 10 reps, equalling a total of 300 reps (however, by my count actually there are only twenty nine but close enough!) Cathe does have someone helping to count, in the background, so you do actually do 10 reps of each move every time. I loved the format of this routine, as there is so much variety and as you are moving quite quickly, from one thing to the next, the time just flies by. There is no repetition and only one exercise is separately repeated, on the other side, as the rest are alternating sides or split into five reps each side. The whole workout is very metabolic throughout due to the short rest breaks and also the nature of the moves. The strength exercises are all compound moves and this helps to keep the heart rate a little more elevated throughout. I was definitely breathing a little harder in places.

The trick with this workout though is to select the right weights to get the maximum benefits. This is a little tricky, the first time through, and I would definitely increase on quite a few of the moves the next time. Therefore, you may wish to have a notepad handy so you can make notes on what worked and what didn’t for next time. I also loved the different moves, in this one, as there are so many new combinations of different exercises. I would love to see this on a DVD so the different exercises would be added to the Cathe’s Workout Blender and I could make my own mixes with them. The majority of moves combine two exercises, such as, cross back lunges / upright rows or forward lunge with bicep curl / standing front raises. I really hope this is a preview of her upcoming workout series.

The strength work ends with a little floor work for the core and upper body. Once completed, Cathe decides that it was easier than she was expecting so decides to add on a 300 rep cardio finisher! So you then go into five different cardio moves. The first two are 64 reps (jacks and puddle jumpers), the next two are also for 64 reps but you do 32 reps each side with a rest in between (hi lo punches & cardio pulls) and the final move, snowboards, is done for 44 reps. Don’t worry though, as this is broken down into 3 sets of 10 reps and 1 set of 14 reps. This was a really good way to finish out the routine so by the end I felt nicely worked.

Overall, a fantastically enjoyable and varied metabolic strength workout that ends with a fun cardio blast. This is a really good energy booster routine and great for a day when you want something fun but that gets the job done!

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The Workout

Metabolic 300 is a metabolic strength workout with a cardio finisher. The workout consists of twenty-nine different strength exercises for 10 reps each and five different sets of cardio moves.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Metabolic 300 is 48 minutes long and originally aired on 4th June 2020 (#300). The workout starts with a 3 minute warm-up, before moving into the first strength exercise. The step, with three risers on each side, is set up horizontally in front of you at the start of the workout. You will need to have space for floor work too, as you will only use the step as a weight bench for upper body. You will also need to make sure that your equipment is handy, as you will be moving quite quickly from one thing to the next. Cardio shown in bold italics below.

Metabolic Strength 300 (10 reps of each exercise)

  • Alternating rear lunge curl press – two 10# Dbs

  • Squat w/ bicep curl & bicep curl (standing) – two 10# Dbs

  • Alternating step out sumo squat hops (2 hops) – one 15# Db

  • Crossback lunge (x2) & upright row (x2 when standing) – two 12# Dbs

  • Squat press & double arm lat pulldown (squat & press standing; pull arms down with palms facing forward & push back up) – two 10# Dbs

  • Push-up & knee-in (alternate sides each time) – mat

  • Pullovers w/ 1 leg extension – two 15# Dbs & step

  • Narrow grip chest press & bench press combo (1 of each) – two 20# Dbs & step

  • 1 Arm row in straight arm plank (renegade row w/ 1 hand on step & feet in floor) – Cathe used one 20 & one 5# Db in one hand (I used 1x 27.5) & step

  • Squat drop & tricep extension combo – two 12# Dbs

  • Alternating rear lunge & torso twist (Dbs held together in front of chest & lunge twisting over opposite leg) – two 10# Dbs

  • Alternating dynamic front lunge raises (front lunge & knee lift w/ lateral raise) – two 5# Dbs

  • 1 Arm rear delt fly w/ side leg lift in plank (leaning on one knee in side plank; raise & lower Db in rear delt fly while raising the top leg) – one 5# Db & mat

  • 1 Arm rear delt fly w/ side leg lift in plank (other side) – one 5# Db & mat

  • Downward dog & tricep push-up (start in straight arm plank; push back to downward dog; move back to plank & do a tricep push-up – that’s 1 rep) – mat

  • Tricep dips x2 & crab kick (hands on step behind you) – step

  • C-Curve lean back & bicep curl (sitting on the mat; leaning back in c-curve & sit up doing a bicep curl) – two 10# Dbs & mat (I would use 12’s next time)

  • Crossover push-ups (stepping out hands to alternating sides & doing a push-up) – mat

  • Sumo squat / wide stance deadlift (Dbs between the legs) – two 20# Dbs

  • Alternating step back & 1 arm back fly – one 10# Db (I used 1x 12)

  • Forward lunge & bicep curl / front raise (standing) – one 15# Dbs (held horizontally between hands)

  • Alternating side lunges x2 / hammer curl & bicep curl (1 of each while standing) – two 12# Dbs

  • Single leg deadlift & lateral raise x2 – two 8# Dbs

  • Hip hinge & bent over dead row – two 20# Dbs

  • Monster walks (lying on floor w/ arms out to side holding Dbs; then sit up while reaching 1 hand to opposite foot) – two 5# Dbs & mat

  • Straight arm plank knee-ins (start in plank; bring 1 knee under body to opposite elbow; then knee to outside of same shoulder; then knee in again under the body (hovering foot off the floor in between the moves) – that’s 1 rep) – mat

  • Bear crawl press – mat

  • Crab punch overs (in crab position (hands & feet under you w/ body lifted); punch over to touch ground on opposite sides on the body) – mat

  • Scorpion presses (triceps push-ups w/ alternating leg lifts) – mat

Cardio 300

  • Jacks – 64 reps

  • Puddle jumpers (I did lateral skates) – 64 reps

  • Hi-lo punches (hopping) – 32 reps each side (quick break in between)

  • Cardio pulls (in plie position jump up reaching arm up & down) – 32 reps each side (quick break in between)

  • Snowboards – 3 sets of 10 reps & 1 set of 14 reps (quick breaks in between)

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute cool down and stretch.

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1 comment

1 Comment

Oct 20, 2021

Excellent workout, full of variety. It felt rather intermediate which was just fine with me.

My modifications: I didn't do the crab kicks. They are stressful on my wrists. I ditched the last cardio event (surfboards) to begin stretching.

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