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Cathe Live Review: 333 Live! (#333)

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Cathe Live Review: 333 Live! (#333)

333 Live! is a high energy cardio and metabolic strength circuit workout. I really liked the format of this one and as you only do 30 seconds, of each move, there is lots of variety so you never get bored. I was definitely pretty drenched by the end, although I will say that it wasn’t anywhere near as brutal as I was expecting from the description. That is mainly due to the nature of cardio moves, as they are not all plyometrics and you do get rests in between the strength and cardio sets.

The format of this is a little different from Cathe’s usual approach as it is all interval based. The workout consists of five circuits of three strength moves, 30 seconds rest, and three cardio moves. Each exercise is also done for 30 seconds before moving into the next one. However, in reality you do get a few seconds to breathe and or change weights, get in position etc so it is not all out go, go, go! As mentioned, the fact that there is also 30 seconds rest, between the strength and cardio moves, means that you do get a breather in between and so the heart rate comes back down a little during that time. After each circuit, you get a further 30 second rest and then you repeat all of the moves one more time, before moving onto the next circuit.

The strength moves are all very metabolic compound moves, using both the upper and lower body together. There are also a few core moves, in the last circuit, just to make sure that the whole body is worked in some way. The strength moves are done with slightly lighter weights, as Cathe used 10 to 15 pounds and given the nature of the moves this works quite well. However, the strength moves are done at a reasonably controlled pace so you could go a bit heavier, if you wanted to. I increased on a few moves and would probably do so on more of the moves next time but would stick with between 12 to 15 pounds. The compound nature of the exercises also means that they keep your heart rate up a bit higher throughout, which makes the whole workout pretty cardio-like.

The cardio moves are a mix of lower and higher impact moves, including line taps, plyo jacks, air jacks and pendulums. These are definitely an easier mix of moves than Cathe has often done in her older Live workouts and in general I do feel that the newer Lives tend to be a little kinder in this regard. Also as they are timed intervals, rather than a set number of reps, you can choose to go at your own speed – going faster or slower, as required. Cathe also shows modifications for many of the moves, demonstrating ways to make an exercise easier or lower impact. I found Circuit 2 probably the toughest out of the routine but even that wasn’t too bad. However, Cathe does throw in a surprise additional interval, at the end, as she got confused and thought we were done after the second round of strength work. Therefore, she added 30 seconds of burpees to the end of the cardio set, which actually rounded out the routine nicely!

(My only slight compliant is that the stretch is so short at the end, given the nature of the workout. Therefore, I added on a few extra stretches to stretch out the whole body more effectively).

Overall, a fun cardio and metabolic strength, interval workout that will challenge the whole body.

(For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE).

The Workout

333 Live! is a cardio and strength workout set up in five rounds of three cardio and three strength moves, each done for 30 seconds, totalling three minutes per round. Each round is repeated one more time before moving onto the next one.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

333 Live! is 55 minutes long and originally aired on 4th February 2021 (#333). The workout starts with a 6 minute warm-up, before a quick water break and then moving into the first circuit. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below.

Each move below is done for 30 seconds. There is a 30 second rest between the strength and cardio exercises.

Circuit 1

  • Squat press – two 10# Dbs

  • Alternating rear lunge & upright row – two 10# Dbs

  • Alternating step out sumo squat w/ bicep curl – two 10# Dbs

  • Reach down jacks

  • Jacks

  • Scissor, scissor, wide jump & 2 jump ropes

Repeat above circuit

Circuit 2

  • Step out Arnold press – two 12# Dbs

  • 1 Arm back fly w/ step back – one 10# Db (I used 1x 12#)

  • Alternating crossback lunge w/ W curl – two 10# Dbs

  • Half circle shuffles – mat

  • Lateral leaps (4 to each side)

  • Air jacks

Repeat above circuit

Circuit 3

  • Sumo squats – two 15# Dbs

  • Push-up & knee-in – mat

  • Front raise w/ step back – one 12# Db

  • Double hop into fighter stance

  • Pendulums

  • Rope slams

Repeat above circuit

Circuit 4

  • Swing back & halo – one 10# Db

  • Kettlebell swing & double arm lat pull down – two 10# Dbs (I used 12's)

  • Crab kicks – mat

  • Side leaps (4 to each side)

  • Line taps (scooping water out of the pool)

  • Plyo jacks

Repeat above circuit

Circuit 5

  • Lunge down (to side) & overhead press – two 10# Dbs

  • Plank jacks w/ shoulder taps – mat

  • Sit-up to reverse tabletop – mat

  • Jogs / high knee run

  • Lifted squat abductions

  • Wide feet march

Repeat above circuit & add 30 seconds of Burpees on the end!

The workout ends with a 2 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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333 is hard. The first circuit is the toughest, 2-4 ack off a bit. Circuit 5 is merciful. If you're looking for a tough metabolic workout-- this one is it!

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