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I created this page as, over time, many of the reviews I have done are from Cathe Live (as I just love them!) Therefore, I thought it might be easier, for Cathletes (or anyone interested), to find a review they are looking for if they are all listed in one place (being that unfortunately my website provider does not provide a helpful search function to allow you look for one particular review). Also this way, you can find a review based on the new numbering system Cathe introduced, to help identify different workouts, and this is much easier to see in a list format. So I hope that you find this useful!

If you are only interested in the Cathe Live workout reviews, click HERE to go directly to the list of reviews available. Alternatively, if you are looking for a Cathe Live Rotation, click HERE. However, if you haven’t tried Cathe Live yet keep reading to find out more!

Stuck in a rut or struggling to get your exercise mojo back?

6 Reasons To Try Cathe Live Today!

2. Feeling Like Part of a Class


The videos are filmed in Cathe’s gym in Jersey and are full of actual gym members so you get to see a range of different people, with different fitness levels, completing the class. This means you also see them modifying as needed. There is very much a ‘we are all in this together’ feeling. So if they can do it – you can too!

3. Fun Factor


The classes are completely unscripted and unrehearsed so often have a real fun factor, as both home exercisers and the participants have no idea what is coming next. There is also a real energy in the room that really helps motivate and engage you to eek out that last rep.

6. Professional Instructor


It is Cathe afterall! Cathe Friedrich is, in my opinion, one of the most professional and effective instructors in the business. She always has great attention to form, safety and a focus on routines that will deliver the best results.


Take Action


Try it today! Cathe Live is a streaming service available from – you can subscribe to monthly ($9.99 pm), six monthly or yearly plans. She offers a 7 day free trial (link HERE) so you can see if you like it and also check that your connection is good enough to stream before you sign up. There are also 15% discount codes for the six monthly and yearly plans, using ‘save15’ at checkout.

If you do sign up for the monthly subscription, if you don’t like it you can easily cancel – there is no hard sell or any issues with this – you can do it online through your account in seconds. However, once you try it you will probably be hooked - I know I am!

In addition, Cathe has also now launched a download service for her Cathe Live videos so that you can purchase individual workouts just like her regular DVD workouts. So even if you don't want to stream her workouts (or can't due to connectivity issues), you can still enjoy Cathe Live! Each workout costs $9.97 and are available on Cathe's website (link HERE).

Cathe Live Reviews

Cathe Live Reviews:


Below I have categorised the workouts by type to help you find workouts with a particular focus. This is based on the main thrust of the workout, so it maybe that a few strength workouts have a little cardio in them but this I didn’t feel was the primary focus and so they are categorised in a particular way… Now this isn’t always easy and many are very metabolic with a cardio feel without any actual cardio etc. So I have just made a decision but I am not perfect so this may not always be how you see it!


(One final thought on Cathe Live is to think about your weight selections when doing the workouts. Cathe is teaching a large class and so they are limited to 15 pound dumbbells. They do sometimes use heavier barbells but this is not that common. Therefore, you will need to find weight selections that continue to challenge you. This is also why I sometimes include my weight selections and info on number of reps and rep speed so you can prepare what you think you might need for any particular workout).  

(NEW! - Denotes newest review).

For a list of all Cathe Live Reviews in numerical order click HERE.

Strength Workouts

Upper Body


Lower Body


Total Body

Cardio & Strength Workouts


​Upper Body

Upper Body - Low Impact


​Lower Body 

Total Body

​Total Body - Low Impact

Cardio / Metabolic Workouts


Mixed Cardio



Low Impact Cardio


Step Cardio



Cathe Live Rotations

Cathe Live Rotations
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