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Cathe Live Review: Boss Bands & Loops: Metabolic (#363)

Cathe Live Review: Boss Bands & Loops: Metabolic (#363)

Boss Bands & Loops: Metabolic is a metabolic strength workout with a little cardio mixed in. This was definitely a much more intermediate level routine and didn’t have a strong cardio factor. It was quite a fun routine, as there is lots of variety and you use different equipment but I didn’t love it as much as I was expecting to. I found a few of the moves a little awkward and didn’t really get a challenging workout. Cathe used a medium band and loop throughout and I would definitely try to use heavier resistance next time, if I decided to do this one again.

This workout is based on Cathe’s recently released DVD series - Boss Bands & Loops (Boss Loops: Glutes & Core – review HERE. Boss Bands: Total Body – review HERE) and uses the fabric loop and long looped resistance band. This routine differs to the DVDs though in that it is not entirely low impact and you also use dumbbells, as well as the resistance bands.

This routine consists of mainly metabolic strength exercises with a three cardio intervals sprinkled in. None of the cardio intervals were very challenging and they didn’t really get my heart rate up that high, as they are generally quite short and not really truly plyometric. All of the cardio moves use the loop though so this does give you a little extra lower body work too.

The strength moves are mainly compound moves, using both upper and lower body at the same time. Cathe mixes up the moves using the band, loop or dumbbells or a combination of two or all three of them. This keeps it more interesting and even though it is just under an hour long, it really didn’t feel like it. The strength moves are generally not that high rep and are often divided into sets so you get a little breather in between. Cathe does try to hit all of the different muscle groups and is quite inventive with some of the moves, such as, the lateral raises and bear hold abductions. During the routine she used either 10 or 15 pounds but to really feel the work I think you would need to increase the weights for many of the moves. The only move I found quite challenging was the static lunge pulses but I think part of that was the position of my back, as it felt quite uncomfortable as you are holding the band so low down.

The workout ends with a nice long stretch, which was a welcome change to many of the Live workouts, as Cathe does tend to skimp on the stretches a little.

Overall, a lighter total body routine that has a lot of variety and different training styles but was not necessarily a favourite for me.

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The Workout

Boss Bands & Loops: Metabolic is a cardio and strength workout using fabric bands, loops and dumbbells. The routine mixes metabolic strength exercises with a few cardio blasts.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Boss Bands & Loops: Metabolic is 57 minutes long and originally aired on 23rd September 2021 (#363). The workout starts with a long and active 11 minute warm-up, using both the band and the loop, before moving straight into the first cardio interval. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below. Cathe used a medium tension resistance band and loop throughout this routine.

  • Jacks / punch moving forward x4 / jacks / touch down jacks – lots of reps!

  • Crossback lunge & hammer curl – two 10# dbs & loop – 24 reps

  • Squat to side & 1 arm overhead press (rotating) – one 10# Db & loop – 16 reps each side

  • Sumo squats & front raise / arm circles – resistance band (under feet & held in hands) – 16x front raise, hold, 12x circle & 16x circle (other direction)

  • Lateral raise / 1 arm circles – resistance band (under 1 foot & over 1 wrist) – 16x lat & 16x circle (each direction)

  • Lateral skates / puddle jumpers – loop – 72 reps

  • Step out bicep curls / rear lunge & bicep curl – two 10# Dbs & loop – 9 sets (2 reps of each) & 4x curl

  • Lunge pulses – resistance band (doubled up under 1 foot) – 48 reps each side

  • Step out sumo squats & posture pulls (to side & back) – resistance band & loop – 24 reps

  • Double arm rows – resistance band (doubled up – under feet in both hands) – 8 reps, 2x 7 pulses, 8 reps & 1x 15 pulses

  • Fast scissors / power lunges – loop – 2 sets of 16 reps

  • Step out squat x2 / tap back & overhead press – one 15 # Db & loop – 8 sets (2 reps of each)

  • Standing overhead tricep extension – resistance band – 24 reps

  • 1 Arm tricep pull down – resistance band (doubled up) – 8 reps, 1x 15 pulses & 2x 7 pulses

  • Standing overhead tricep extension (other side) – resistance band – 24 reps

  • 1 Arm tricep pull down (other side) – resistance band (doubled up) – 16 reps, 1x 15 pulses & 3x 7 pulses

  • Bicep curls – two 15# Dbs – 2 sets of 8 reps

  • Donkey kicks / crossover – loop & mat – 16x kicks, 8x crossover & 16x kicks (1st side). 24x kicks, 8x crossover & 16x kicks (2nd side)

  • Hydrant pulses – loop & mat – 3 sets (4x hydrants & 7x pulses)

  • Bridge abductions & narrow grip chest press – two 15# Dbs, loop & mat – 10 reps & 3x 7 abductions (holding Dbs up)

  • Chest flys & 1 leg extensions – two 15# Dbs, loop & mat – 10 reps

  • Bear hold abduction – loop & mat – 8 reps

  • Spiderman climber taps (bring foot to shoulder) – loop & mat – 12 reps & 4x 2 reps

  • Push-ups – loop & resistance band (across back & under hands) & mat – 4x knees & 4x toes

  • Side clams (leaning up on knee) – loop & mat – 12 reps on each side

The workout ends with a 4:30 minute cool down and stretch.

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1 Comment

Mar 05, 2022

A fun intermediate total body workout. I'm still trying to get used to the new boss bands. I like them and they don't slip. You will definitely get a workout. There were a couple of moves where I wished I had selected the lighter tension band. :-) You will definitely feel this workout.

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