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Cathe Live Review: 80’s Style Cardio w Low Impact Blasts (#54)

Cathe Live: 80's Style Cardio w Low Impact Blasts

Cathe Live Review: 80’s Style Cardio w Low Impact Blasts (#54)

80’s Style Cardio w Low Impact Blasts is a fun pure cardio workout. This is old school hi-lo type cardio with blasts sprinkled in between the combos.

The workout consists of six cardio sections. Each section has a combination of 80’s style cardio moves (think leg warmers & headbands!) that are repeated a few times and then followed by one or more low impact blasts. Most of these combos are then repeated starting on the other side.

The combos are all fairly straight forward moves so it’s not really complex choreography but it is definitely a bit more dancey than usual. Also there are quite a few moves that have different arm patterns and some of these may be a little confusing the first time through. However, if you have done any of Cathe’s other old school cardio workouts these will all be familiar. This reminded me of the hi-lo sections in Cathe’s other DVD’s - Cross Train Xpress and Maximum Intensity Cardio. I really enjoyed this workout – it was a nice flashback to the 80’s and the music was good too! However, the sound quality, for this video, seemed really poor and the volume changes throughout, along with reverb from the speakers.

The blasts are just one move repeated for a set number of reps. However, they not always entirely low impact as Cathe does jump a few but you can always just decide to stay fully low impact or make it higher impact instead – which is what I did. This is definitely not a really intense workout but just gave me a nice way to get my body moving without going all out. Also Cathe gives you more water breaks than usual - as you have a break after every combo. I just jogged during these to try to keep my heart rate a little higher.

One thing to note, is that there is a lot of hopping on the toes – pretty much the whole workout - so if your feet, calves etc are sensitive to this – this may not be the best choice for you or if so you can always just keep it fully low impact.

Overall, this was a more intermediate cardio routine that will get you moving and having a lot of fun along the way. You can easily modify this to higher or lower impact as you choose.

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The Workout

80’s Style Cardio w Low Impact Blasts is a pure cardio workout consisting of six combos and a few low impact blasts.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 47 mins. Equipment needed: None. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 3/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

80’s Style Cardio w Low Impact Blasts is 47 minutes long and originally aired on 4th June 2015 (#54). The workout starts with an 8:30 minute warm-up before moving into the first hi-lo cardio combo. Most of the moves are repeated for several sets and include different arm patterns etc. The main moves are shown below.

Combo 1

  • Shuffles with arm circles

  • Tap outs

  • Tap backs

Low Impact Blast: Long reach lunges (with different arm variations)

Quick water break & repeat on other side

Quick water break at 15:15 minutes

Combo 2

  • 2 Heels (hopping)

  • Heel, toe, heel

  • Heels & jacks

  • 3 Leaps & 1 jack

  • 4 Leaps & 4 jacks

  • Side steps

Low Impact Blast: Windmills

Jump ropes & repeat on other side

Quick water break at 21:16 minutes

Combo 3

  • Heels together

  • Twist travel / wrap it up (jump forward & back – wrapping the arms)

  • Pony

  • Pony forward & back / single hip to hip back

Low Impact Blast: Lean back & volley forward

Jump ropes & repeat on other side

Quick water break at 27:30 minutes

Combo 4

  • Heels forward (low impact)

  • Heels together (hopping)

  • Low kicks moving forward / kick side to side / back kicks moving back / kick side to side

  • Add 4 jacks instead of 2nd kick side to side

  • Angled scissors / jacks

Low Impact Blast: Pivoting apple pickers

Quick water break at 31:25 minutes

Combo 5

  • Heel together

  • Heels side to side (hopping)

  • 4 Heels

  • Heels with arm swings

  • Alternating knees up

  • 2 Knee curls

  • Up & over

  • Up & back

Repeat above from 4 Heels

  • Elbow to knee (hopping)

  • Straight leg kicks (hopping)

  • Insoles

  • Straight leg kicks

  • Knees up

  • Up & over

  • Up & back

Low Impact Blast: Icebreakers

Quick water break at 36:15 minutes

Combo 6

  • Double hops

  • Jogs (chest press & over / under arms)

  • Soldier kicks (low back kicks – hopping)

  • Jog / high jog

  • Squat digs

  • Jabs to the side (shuffling)

Low Impact Blast: Hi-Lo punches

Repeat on other side

The workout ends with a 4 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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1 Comment

Jul 03, 2020

Solidly Intermediate, loads of fun. It's perfect for a lighter day which is what I needed after live#53. Though I don't remember working that hard, my hips and quads are pretty sore---so I muddled through this somewhat.

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