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Cathe Live Review: Cardio Glutes & Core Express (#217)

Cathe Live: Cardio Glutes & Core

Cathe Live Review: Cardio Glutes & Core Express (#217)

Cardio Glutes & Core Express is a cardio workout with a little bit of toning for the glutes and core. This was such a fun and different workout – I loved it! Unfortunately, it is rather short, as the time just flew by, and before you know it we were done! The routine contained lots of variety and used both a stability ball and resistance loop to keep it interesting.

This isn’t the most intense workout and is definitely not designed to give you any true strength training for the lower body but it was still a really nice workout. Cathe states at the start that it is meant to be a cardio workout and that is how I used it.

The workout starts out with a number of cardio drills, one after the other. The first section uses the resistance loop, around the ankles, and this helps to give you some work in the thighs and glutes too. There are no breaks in this first combination of moves and you just go straight from one thing to the next move. This was a really fun section and started to get me breathing a little harder. The next section is a few cardio drills, such as, snowboards and reaching lunges. These are plyo moves just done for a set number of reps. Again the rest periods are short and this helped to keep the heart rate up.

Following this section, you move into a short section using the stability ball – both holding the ball and sitting on – doing bouncing type moves. Again lots of fun here! You then do a few more cardio intervals before moving on to toning work for the glutes and legs, using the resistance loop, and then moving to the floor for hamstring roll-ins.

The workout ends with a short core section, mainly using the stability ball, and then ends with a 1 minute plank. This was a nice and different core section that’s not as tough as many of Cathe’s core workouts but a more gentle way to work the abdominal section.

Overall this was a fun cardio workout that will get that heart rate up and provide a little toning for the glutes and core. This is definitely not an advanced workout but it is one I really enjoyed and was a different routine packed with variety.

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The Workout

Cardio Glutes & Core Express is a cardio workout with a little bit of toning for the glutes and core. The workout starts will cardio drills and ends with a few toning exercises, using the resistance loop and stability ball. The workout ends with a core section using the ball.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 38 mins. Equipment needed: Medium tension resistance loop, stability ball & a mat. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 2/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Cardio Glutes & Core Express is 38 minutes long and originally aired on 27th September 2018 (#217). The workout starts with a fairly active 5 minute warm-up before moving into the first cardio drill, with the resistance loop around your ankles.

  • Jacks / scissors – resistance loop

  • Twist travel / jacks – resistance loop

  • 3 Power hops & block jacks back – resistance loop

  • Tap outs – resistance loop

  • Side steps – resistance loop

  • Walk forward & back on an angle – resistance loop


  • Shuffle, shuffle, drop – 16 reps

  • Reaching lunges – 24 reps

  • Snowboards – 2 sets of 16 reps

  • Quarter turn jumps – 2 sets of 12 reps

  • Hammer punch lunges – 16 reps each side

hammer punch lunges

  • Jogging & bouncing the ball – ball

  • Jogging & ball toss – ball

  • Pendulums – ball

  • Ball squat jumps (bouncing the ball) – ball

  • Ball jacks / ball heels (bouncing on the ball) – ball

  • Alternating knee raise to elbow on ball – ball

Ball squat jumps

  • Icebreakers – resistance loop – 2 sets of 24 reps

  • Fast scissors – resistance loop – 32 reps

  • Back leg lifts – resistance loop

  • Hamstring press (toe flexed) – resistance loop

  • Hamstring pulses (toe pointed) – resistance loop

Back Leg Lifts

Quick water break & stretch at 25:50 minutes. Get mat out.

  • Hamstring roll-ins / hip lifts – ball & mat

Quick stretch at 28:50 minutes

Core on the mat – at 29:50 minutes

  • Ball sit-ups – ball

  • Banana holds – ball (ball held overhead in straight arms)

  • Ball exchange – ball

  • Ball hold & leg lower (hold ball in straight arms with both legs in the air – lower & lift each leg) – ball

  • Windshield wipers (ball between feet & lower straight legs down to one side & then other) – ball

  • Elbow plank marches

  • 1 Minute plank

Banana Holds

The workout ends with a 2 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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