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Cathe Live Review: Quick Fix Cardio (#147)

Cathe Live Review: Quick Fix Cardio (#147)

Quick Fix Cardio is an express, fast paced cardio interval workout. This routine is only 32 minutes long but it packs a lot into a short amount of time. I was pretty soaked by the end.

The workout consists of sixteen different intervals, although two of these are the same moves but with heavier weight. The intervals are all straight forward moves so you can really concentrate on putting all your focus and energy into them. Most of the intervals are repeated at least once more and often three more times so you will definitely be breathing harder during these.They are a nice mix of different moves and a few interesting combinations I haven’t seen Cathe use, for example, adding a dumbbell to the lateral hops & forward back jumps.

The routine starts with a fairly low key warm-up and then you just dive straight into the first interval with no warning at all. To add to that the first move is snowboards – four sets of them – so be prepared to move!These really got me and the final set was pretty tough. However, you do get a little breather before you move onto the next drill, which fortunately happens to be low impact so you do have a little chance to regroup. The rest breaks between sets of one interval are very brief and you only get slightly longer ones between exercises but these are not too long and my heart rate stayed elevated pretty much throughout the workout. Overall though, this wasn’t quite as brutal as I was expecting from the 4 sets of snowboards introduction, as you do get a mix of tougher and slightly easier intervals. Cathe sequences the moves effectively to make sure you can give your all on each one. You just have to dig in and go for it and then workout then flies by so before you know it you are done and feeling accomplished! I loved this workout and as it has so much variety there is no real dread factor with this one.

Overall, this is a fun and time efficient workout that’s great for a day when you are short on time and want an intense cardio blast or as an add on to another routine.

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The Workout

Quick Fix Cardio is an express cardio workout. Cathe uses light dumbbells, a high step platform and a mat for this routine. If you don’t have a high step, a full size step platform would also work fine or you could do the moves on the floor instead.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Quick Fix Cardio is 32 minutes long and originally aired on 4th May 2017 (#147). The workout starts with a 4:30 minute warm-up before moving immediately into the first interval.

  • Snowboards - 4 sets of 16 reps

  • Hammer down & knee pull – 16 reps each side

  • Power 7 (on topper) / 4 jacks / 4 air jacks - step platform - 6 sets

  • Squat digs into double pulse lunges – 2 sets of 16x squat digs & 8x lunges

  • Weighted side-to-side sumo squats – one 10# dumbbell – 12 sets (1x double pulse & 2x singles)

  • 8 Fast feet / 8 straddle taps – step platform – 4 sets & 2 sets

  • 4 travelling scissors (fast) / 4 power scissors (Cathe also demos a modification –4 twist travels / 4 bunny hops – 6 sets & 8 sets

  • Explosive side to side lunges - one 8# dumbbell– 21 reps

  • 3 Power turning squats & step back (one foot on step) – step platform – 8 sets each side

  • Weighted shuffle, shuffle, drop (setting down & picking up dumbbells at each end) – one 8# dumbbell – 20 reps

  • Repeat shuffle, shuffle, drop with one 10# dumbbell – 24 reps

  • High reaching pop squats (straddling mat) – mat – 2 sets of 10 reps & 2 sets of 8 reps

  • 2 Lateral jumps (to side) & jump forward & back – 10 reps

  • 2 Lateral jumps (to side) & jump forward & back w dumbbell – one 5# dumbbell - 12 reps

  • Jump shot w/ 6 power knee repeater (using mat like a step) – mat – 10 sets

  • Mountain climbers (feet angled in) – either on floor or with hands on step platform – 34 reps & 38 reps

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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1 comment

תגובה אחת

10 בינו׳ 2021

Short challenging workout. It's doable and it moves quickly. No burpees!

My Modifications: I did the straddle raps and turning lunges on the floor.

Overall a good quick sweat.

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