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Cathe Live Review: Metabolic Circuit Blast (#11)

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Cathe Live Review: Metabolic Circuit Blast (#11)

Metabolic Circuit Blast is a fast paced, cardio Hiit and metabolic strength workout. This is a fairly challenging workout and I was pretty drenched by the end.

The workout is a mix of mainly cardio intervals with a few metabolic strength moves. The cardio moves are all high impact and you often do two or three sets of each move and then go straight into another cardio interval so you will be breathing harder during these. The rests are also very short both between sets and between exercises. There are a few slightly longer breaks but the rest of the time you just keep going. The cardio moves are a mix of tougher and slightly easier moves, and some incorporate the resistance loop, around the ankles, for added challenge.

The metabolic strength exercises use moderate dumbbells and the resistance band. Cathe mainly used 10 or 12 pounds for those moves. Many of these moves are compound exercises and provide a good cardio effect too. Their purpose is more to keep the heart rate up and provide light toning rather than real strength training. The reps are not too high either so I tend to use this more on a cardio day or when I am looking for a more metabolic routine.

(There are a couple of issues with this workout though, as the camera is not always on Cathe when she starts a move so unless you are listening really hard to her you may miss a rep, such as, on the explosive side to side lunges. Also cathe’s cueing is a little off in this sometimes and she doesn’t always announce when she has started a move rather than just demonstrating it. So my advice is to start when she starts demonstrating and you will be fine! Also keep going on the line taps, as she stops randomly and the class are not sure if they should keep going and then she jumps back in and continues. So just so you are prepared! Finally the stretch at the end is really short so I added on some extra stretching afterwards).

Overall, this is a high impact, express cardio and metabolic strength workout that will definitely get you working.

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The Workout

Metabolic Circuit Blast is a cardio Hiit / metabolic strength workout.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Metabolic Circuit Blast is 46 minutes long and originally aired on 10th July 2014 (#11). The workout starts with an active 9:30 minute warm-up, before moving into the first cardio move. Cardio intervals shown in bold italics below.

  • Quarter turn squat jumps – 2 sets of 8 reps each side

  • Squats & overhead press - two 10# Dbs – 4x both, 8x 1 arm, 8x both, 8x 1 arm (1 side) & 8x 1 arm (other side)

  • Sprint shooters – 16 reps each side

  • Alternating forward leaning lunges – 20 reps

  • Plie jacks – resistance loop (around ankles) – 3 sets of 16 reps

  • 3 Jacks & 1 tuck jump – resistance loop (around ankles) – 2 sets of 8 reps

  • Plie squats & 1 arm upright row - one 15# Db – 16 reps each side

  • Air jacks – resistance loop (around ankles) – 20 reps, 10 reps & 10 reps

  • Squat jumps (touching the floor w/ finger tips & then overhead) – resistance loop (around ankles) – 2 sets of 12 reps

  • Lateral plie walks – two 10# Dbs (I used 12’s) – 8 sets

  • Squat digs / jacks – 32 reps, 16 jacks & 31 reps

  • Squat kick, squat lunge – 8 sets each side

  • Guard stance switches (band on floor as marker) – resistance band – 3 sets of 16 reps

  • Standing chest flys – resistance band – 16 reps & 12 reps

  • Overhead tricep extensions – two 12# Dbs – 12 reps (2/2 count)

  • Lateral bunny hops – one 10# Db – 2 sets of 16 reps

  • Side lunge & knee lift w/ 1 arm overhead press - one 10# Db – 16 reps each side

  • Explosive side to side lunges - one 10# Db – 30 reps

  • Power turning lunge jumps – 2 sets of 21 reps

  • Reverse lunges & 3 hammer curls – two 10# Dbs– 13 reps

  • Line taps – one Db (on floor as a marker) – 30 reps & 36 reps (if you start with Cathe & keep going)

  • Pendulum lunges & hop (lunge forward / back & hop) – two 10# Dbs – 8 sets each side

  • Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, drop / suicide runs – 8x shuffle & 12x suicide run. 8x shuffle & 15x suicide run

The workout ends with a very brief 2 minute cool down and stretch. I added a few extra stretches on the end.

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Én kommentar

25. apr. 2020

Tough workout. Excellent breakdown and review. On to #12 tomorrow!

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