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Cathe Live Review: Cardio Boxing Bootcamp (#315)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Cathe Live Review: Cardio Boxing Bootcamp (#315)

Cardio Boxing Bootcamp is a really fun, fast paced, total body workout that mixes kickboxing with lighter weight strength conditioning. I absolutely loved this workout, it was so much fun and the time just few by. Funnily enough this is the format that I made most, when I was using the Cathe’s online Workout Blender tool, as I just love kickboxing and bootcamp workouts so merging the two together is my perfect workout. After hoping for many years that Cathe would make a Live or DVD version, finally she has and it definitely lived up to expectations! This is a fantastic routine that kept my heart rate up and I was pretty drenched by the end.

The workout is structured into six rounds. Each round includes a few cardio kickboxing moves or mini combos, along with an intensity blast and then two conditioning exercises, using lighter weights or resistance tubing. As Cathe used 3 to 10 pounds, for me, this was more of a cardio workout, as the strength work is there more to keep the heart rate and provide a little toning than really challenge the muscles. The pace of the whole workout is fairly fast and the breaks not too long so it is very metabolic overall. Also the intensity blasts really kick the heart rate up a little higher too and include familiar favourites, such as, flying angel jacks / front kicks, pull and pound, hammer punch lunges etc. There is no complex choreography for the kickboxing, as the moves are all very simple and there are no complex combos. The most Cathe does for a combo is two moves, such as, jab and cross etc so you can really focus on getting your heart rate up rather than worrying about coordinating the moves.

The strength conditioning exercises are a mix of usually one compound move, incorporating both lower and upper body, and one isolation move for the upper body. They are fairly high rep but as the weights are light I didn’t find them very challenging. Cathe ends the routine with the sit-up / push-up combo but as this is done at a more controlled pace it wasn’t actually too bad. I much prefer it when she does that, as you can then really focus on using good form and getting the most out of the exercises.

Overall, a fantastic, enjoyable and different bootcamp workout that gets that heart rate up nicely and you breathing a bit harder.

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The Workout

Cardio Boxing Bootcamp is a total body cardio and strength workout that consists of six rounds. Each round includes cardio kickboxing and two strength exercises using lighter weights.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Cardio Boxing Bootcamp is 54 minutes long and originally aired on 24th September 2020 (#315). The workout starts with a 5:30 minute warm-up, before moving into the first round. The main kickboxing moves are shown below and are often repeated on the other side. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below. Cathe uses boxing gloves for each of the cardio sections and then removes them for the strength exercises. The workout starts with Cathe already wearing her boxing gloves.

Round 1

  • Step together & jab / circle arms / 3 lateral shuffles & jab / 3 lateral shuffles & upper cut

  • Upper cuts / flurry upper cuts

  • Alternating side to side sumo squats w/ posture pulls – resistance tubing – 24 reps

  • Bicep curls / upper cuts (1 arm at a time) – two 5# Dbs & resistance tubing (I used 2x12# Dbs & no tubing) – 6x bicep, 8x upper, 8x bicep & 8x upper

Round 2

  • Jack & jab

  • Jabs

  • Jab, cross, reach & knee pull

  • Knee pulls

  • Flying angel jack & 2 front kicks – 2 sets of 8 reps

  • Dynamic front lunge raises (lunge & knee lift w lateral raise) – two 3# Dbs (I used 5's) – 8x 3 reps

  • Tricep kickbacks / straight arm press (pulsing - wide & narrow grip) – resistance tubing – 16x kickback, 28x straight arm & 8x kickback

Round 3

  • Jacks / tap outs

  • Shuffles (turning)

  • 4 Shuffle punches (moving back) & 4 Jacks (turning)

  • Jack & alternating front kick / jack & alternating back kick

  • Hammer punch lunge & knee smash – 16 reps each side

  • Squat press (1 arm & both arms) – two 10# Dbs – 12x 1 arm & 2 sets of 8 reps both arms

  • Close grip band pulls w/ alternating side leg lift – resistance tubing – 16x legs only & 48 reps

Round 4

  • Heels forward (hopping) / add speedbag arms

  • 2 Knee pulls (hopping)

  • 4 Front kicks (moving forward), jump rope (moving back) & 2 jacks

  • 2 Punches high & 2 punches low / jab & cross

  • Crossback lunge & bicep curl / bicep curls (no lunge) – two 8# Dbs (I used 10's) – 25 reps, 4 reps bicep (1/3) & 4 reps bicep (3/1)

  • Shoulder circles – resistance tubing – 32 reps each direction (low, middle & high)

Round 5

  • 1 Arm speedbag shuffle (moving forward), punch & retreat back / lateral slides

  • 2 Jabs & 2 hops w/ speedbag arms / hops & speedbag arms

  • Pull & pound – 16 reps each side

  • Side lunge w/ knee lift & 1 arm overhead press – one 10# Db – 10 reps each side

  • Tricep overhead extensions – resistance tubing (I used 2x 10# Dbs instead) – 20 reps (Cathe does show an alternative move of 1 arm tricep press downs instead)

Round 6

  • Punch front mambo

  • Punch to front & side (hopping)

  • Back fists

  • 2 Ground & pound, open & attack (jumping) – 8 reps each side

  • Alternating back lunge (turning to side) & upright row / upright row – two 10# Dbs – 13 reps & 8 reps row only

  • Sit-up / push-up combo (5 reps of each) – mat – 5 sets

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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