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Cathe Live Review: Warrior Kickboxing (#148)

Cathe Live: Warrior Kickboxing

Cathe Live Review: Warrior Kickboxing (#148)

Warrior Kickboxing is an excellent cardio kickboxing workout that ends with a short, tough core section. I thoroughly enjoyed this routine and got a really nice cardio workout from it.

This workout is one of my favourite Cathe kickboxing routines, as the time just flies by and you feel nicely worked by the end. This is one I often go to when I don’t have much energy, as it is eases you in gently and then kicks it up a gear but without going completely all out crazy.

The workout starts with some punching and cardio drills then you move into three kickboxing combos. Each of the combos include both punching and kicking, and are built up in layers, to help you learn the moves, before you put them all together. Cathe, as usual, is good at cueing so even if the camera isn’t always on her you can hear what she is doing. The combos were fun and different combinations of moves and were repeated just enough to start feeling the work without becoming boring. The combos are each repeated on the other side, before a quick water break, and moving onto the next one. In between each side you often do cardio drills, such as, touch down jacks, and these help to keep the heart rate up throughout.

The next section is power drills, as Cathe calls them. These are a mix of cardio drills and punching / kicking drills. These take the workout up another notch, in terms of intensity, but are not completely all out. I really enjoyed this section as you are really feel the cardio work here.

The final section, before you go to the floor, is using the Heavy Bag. As I don’t have a heavy bag, I just shadow boxed with Cathe. This part involves punching drills alternated with tabata runs – doing fast punches and running the feet. There are three punch drills, which are repeated on the other side of the body, with tabatas in between each – so six in total!

The workout ends with a short but tough core section using 5 pound dumbbells (or you can use 8 pounds, if you prefer). I really felt the straight leg lifts with your arms back over the head – these really work the deep core muscles well. Cathe does show easier modifications for many of these moves though so you can build up to the more advanced versions. You finish this section with a sit-out / plank series that is also really tough. Also there is quite a strong cardio factor, with these ones too, so it’s a great way to end the routine.

Overall, this is a fantastic cardio kickboxing workout that will provide a nice challenge for your cardiovascular system and your core. This is definitely one I return to often and is a real feel good routine.

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The Workout

Warrior Kickboxing is a pure cardio kickboxing workout that ends with a short core section. Cathe used boxing gloves (I used wrist weights), a heavy bag (optional) and 5 pound dumbbells for this routine.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 59 mins. Equipment needed: Boxing gloves (or wrist weights), Heavy Bag (optional), 5# dumbbells & a mat. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 4/5. Coordination: 2/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Warrior Kickboxing is 59 minutes long and originally aired on 11th May 2017 (#148). The workout starts with an 11 minute warm-up before a quick water break and moving into the main kickboxing part of the routine. Cathe and class have boxing gloves on at the start of the workout. Below shows the main moves and finished combos. However, each combo is built up slowly to give you a chance to learn the moves. Each of the combos are then repeated on the other side before moving onto the next.

Cardio Kickboxing

Combo 1

  • Jab, cross / elbow strike / 2 knee lifts / front kick, back kick, hammer down

  • Jack & jab

  • Jump ropes / ski hops

Quick water break at 17:05 minutes

Combo 2

  • 2 High jabs, 2 low jabs / jab, cross, jab, cross / back weave & cross, jab, cross (fast) & 2 squats

  • Scissors / travel scissors

  • Jacks

Quick water break at 23:35 minutes

Combo 3

  • Jab, cross, rock, jab, cross, rock / knee lift, crescent knee, side kick & set

  • Touch down jacks / jump ropes

Quick water break at 28:41 minutes

Power Drills at 29.05 minutes

  • Wide burpee, jump at top / 8x marching punches

  • Hi-lo punches (jumping) / heel digs / alternating front kicks

  • Double upper cuts / single upper cuts / flurry upper cuts

  • Air squats

  • Snow angel jacks & 2 front kicks

  • Shuffle

  • Shuffle & hooks / step, cross & side kick, walk back & pump up

  • Jump ropes & pumps (little hops)

  • Pumps & tap outs

Quick water break at 37:45 minutes

Heavy Bag at 38:15 minutes

  • Jabs

  • Tabata runs with fast punches

  • Jabs (other side)

  • Tabata runs with fast punches

  • Jab, cross, retreat with 2 hops

  • Triples (jab, cross, jab (fast)) with 2 hops

  • Tabata runs with fast punches

  • Jab, cross, retreat with 2 hops (other side)

  • Triples (jab, cross, jab (fast)) with 2 hops (other side)

  • Tabata runs with fast punches

Quick water break & cool down at 43:25 minutes.

At 45 minutes get mat out for core.

Core on the mat with 5# dumbbells

  • Pullover into full sit-up & 4 punches at top – 5# dumbbells & mat

  • Pullover into full sit-up – 5# dumbbells & mat

  • Leg lift holds – bent knees / straight legs (lying on back with dbs held in straight arms (dbs touching) tilting dbs back over head & hold, then raise & hold bent knees / straight legs) – 5# dumbbells & mat

Leg Lift Holds

  • Windshield wipers (lying on back in same position as above, raise straight legs to outside of 1 arm, down & then to outside of other arm) – two 5# dumbbells & mat

  • Chest flys with straight leg lifts – two 5# dumbbells & mat

  • 1 Arm sit-up (1 elbow anchored to the ground & other arm straight up in air) - mat

  • Hip thrusts with upstrike (start lying on your back with knees bent then raise hips & punch over the body to one side then the other) - mat

Hip Thrusts w Upstrike

  • Sit-outs – mat

  • Elbow plank hold & marching / walking planks (walk up to straight arm plank & back down) – mat

  • Straight leg sit-outs – mat

Straight leg sit outs

  • Elbow plank hold / straight arm plank knee-ins - mat

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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1 Comment

Jan 07, 2021

Well constructed fun KB workout. The combos are easy to follow and not too long. The heavy bag segment is one of her best ones and the power drills are doable. The only dread factor is the burpees.

My modifications: I ditched the burpees and jumped forward, back, forward and up-- I really hate burpees.

Overall the workout moved quickly. It didn't feel like 59 minutes.

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