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Cathe Live Review: For The Love of Cardio (#68)

Cathe Live Review: For The Love of Cardio (#68)

For The Love of Cardio is a fun and enjoyable, pure cardio workout that includes hi-lo, kickboxing and high intensity intervals.

The workout consists of six blocks of different cardio styles. The whole routine is nice and high energy but not all out. I felt like I got a great cardio workout but was not completely wiped out at the end. Cathe does take quite a few water breaks in this one but I just shuffled during those to keep my heart rate a little higher. The cardio is a mix of lower and higher intensity so some blocks are easier than others. Block four and six were the hardest, IMHO, as they contained high intensity intervals one after the other. These definitely got me breathing harder and feeling the work. However the intervals are not too high rep and they go by so quickly that before you know it you are done.

The routine starts with two blocks of kickboxing inspired cardio moves. Each of these blocks include a number of different moves, which form a mini combo, that you then run through one more time before moving onto the next block.

Block three is hi-lo type cardio. There is no complex choreography and if you are familiar with any of Cathe’s other hi-lo cardio, then this will all be very recognisable. This was a fun, steady state, cardio section that I really enjoyed. This one again includes a number of different moves, which you do one after the other, but these are not repeated.

The fourth block consists of five different intervals but you do get short rests in between. The block finishes with two sets of snowboards. You then move onto the next block, which is all steady state low impact cardio that focuses on the lower body. So you do a lot of different lunge and squat variations. This allows you to catch your breath and prepare for the final block.

Block six is the toughest in my opinion. This includes six different intervals of which only one is repeated (high reaching pop squats). The reps are not too high so it’s not Cathe’s toughest but it was a nice way to finish the workout. The wide burpees with tuck jumps and the high reaching pop squats definitely had me feeling it!

Overall, this is a great cardio workout that has lots of variety and so the time just flies by. It’s a good one for when you want a nice cardio blast without being completely wiped out. This is also a perfect travel workout as you can do it without any equipment.

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The Workout

For The Love of Cardio is a pure cardio workout consisting of six different blocks of cardio, including kickboxing, hi-lo and intervals. Cathe used a mat as a marker for the last block but as I find this a trip hazard I did it without.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

For The Love of Cardio is 44 minutes long and originally aired on 10th September 2015 (#68). The workout starts with a 9 minute warm-up before moving into the first cardio block.

Block 1 – Kickboxing Inspired

  • 3 Power hops forward & 4 block jacks back – 4 sets

  • Jack & jab – 8 sets

  • Jacks w/ speed bag arms – 16 reps

  • Jabs moving forward & back (4 steps each way) – 4 sets

  • Plie squats w/ blocks – 8 reps

  • Ice breakers – 24 reps

Repeat all of the above (on plie squats arms change to palm heel strikes)

Block 2 – Kickboxing Inspired

  • Shuffle side to side

  • Jabs & shuffles (moving back) / 4 jacks (to change directions)

  • High low jabs w/ a hop (or a jump)

  • 1 Arm speedbags moving forward / jab & retreat

  • 4 Scoops forward & slide back

  • Jab, cross, reach & knee pull

  • Knee pulls

  • Tap & side kick

Repeat all of the above starting other side

Block 3 – Hi-lo Cardio

  • Double hops / jogs

  • Low front kicks x4 (moving forward) / side to side kicks x4 / half jacks x4 (moving back) / circle jacks x4

  • 3 Leaps to side & 1 jack

  • 2 Heels (hopping) / single swings

  • Knee lifts (hopping) / straight leg kicks

  • Jog / high knee run

  • Jog forward & low kick / jog back & low kick / grapevine jog

Block 4 – High Intensity Intervals

  • Jump forward & back / quarter turn jump – 12 sets

  • 3 Squat digs & 1 lateral jump – 6 sets

  • Pull & pound – 16 reps each side

  • Touch down jacks – 20 reps

  • Snowboards – 2 sets of 16 reps

Block 5 – Low Impact Lower Body Focused

  • Alternating forward leaning lunges (bringing elbow to opposite knee)

  • Squat w/ alternating knee raises

  • Alternating side lunges

  • Side lunge/abduct/side lunge/stand (alternating sides)

  • Squat front kick, squat back lunge

Block 6 – High Intensity Intervals (Cathe used a mat, as a marker, for this block)

  • Half circle shuffles (around mat) – 16 reps

  • Wide burpees (straddling mat) & tuck jump – 8 reps

  • Slam its (wide squat jump to each corner of mat) – 20 reps

  • Jump shot + 6 hopping elbow to knees (alternate corners of mat) – 8 sets

  • High reaching pop squats (straddling mat) – 2 sets of 8 reps

  • Lateral skates over mat – 46 reps

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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1 Comment

Aug 03, 2020

I loved this workout! I also came to the realization that my cardiovascular fitness is vastly improved. 68 workouts later and I'm killing it! Ok, so, block 4 is challenging but it's Cathe fare so we have the muscle memory to power through it. And we do A+

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