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Cathe Live Review: Kick, Box & Bags (#232)

Cathe Live: Kick, Box & Bags

Cathe Live Review: Kick, Box & Bags (#232)

Kick, Box & Bags is a more intermediate level cardio kickboxing workout. This routine is based on Cathe’s latest intermediate series LITE (Low impact Training Extreme) workout - Rev’d Up Rumble routine (for a detailed review of that workout click HERE). This is a really nice feel-good workout that will get you moving without draining you completely. I found it really enjoyable and just the right level for a day I didn’t want to go all out.

The routine is a combination of three elements - kicks, punching (boxing) combos and boxing using the heavy bag. The heavy bag section includes tabata style intervals that involve fast punching while running the feet.

The workout starts with a long active warm-up before moving into punching and a few kick drills. This forms the main part of the workout. You then go to the heavy bags for more punching and tabatas, before returning to the floor for the main kicking section, some punching combos (all very familiar from Rev’d Up Rumble) and two blasts. The blasts are also slight twists on two of the blasts from the Calorie Crush for that workout – 4 attacks / 4 heel clicks and 4 pop squats / 4 jump rope / 2 jacks.

Cathe tends to march more, between the combos than usual, rather than jumping rope, which does take the intensity down a little from her usual level. However, the workout is kind of sneaky as by the last section, after the heavy bag, when we moved into more kicks, punches and the blasts - I was breathing a little harder!

Overall, this was a really fun, feel good kickboxing workout – ideal for a lighter day when you want to work but not go all out.

(For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE).

The Workout

Kick, Box & Bags is an intermediate level cardio kickboxing workout that consists of kicks, punching combos and a heavy Bag section. Cathe and class wore weighted boxing gloves for this routine. I wore wrist weights and these worked well to increase the intensity a little.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 52 mins. Equipment needed: Boxing gloves or wrist weights. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 3/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Kick, Box & Bags is 52 minutes long and originally aired on 17th January 2019 (#232). The workout starts with what I am guessing to be a 9 minute warm-up before moving into the main routine. The combos below are often built up slowly so you have a chance to learn the moves before stringing them all together. Just the final combos are shown below.


  • Walk forward & back punching / hooks

  • Jab, jab, elbow strike

  • Jab, jab & punch down

  • Jab, jab, elbow strike / jab, jab & punch down

  • Agitate side to side with knee raise

  • Walk forward & back punching

  • Jab, cross, hook & upper

  • 3 Jabs & cross

  • 2 High punches & 2 low punches

  • Jab & cross

  • Jab, cross, reach & pull knee (jumping on knee raise)

  • Knee pulls

  • Jump ropes

Repeat on other side

  • 2 Sumo squats to side (punching), side lunge & leg abduction

  • Side lunge & leg abduction

Quick water break at 17:45 minutes

  • Double side kicks

  • Side kicks

  • Double side kicks / side kicks

Repeat on other side

  • Side steps & side kick

  • Jump ropes / tap outs

  • 3 Shuffles (travelling) & jab, cross, jab, cross

  • March forward & side with jabs / fast feet & quick jabs punching front & side

  • Speedbags running the feet

Repeat on other side

Quick water break & move to Heavy Bags at 25:20 minutes

Heavy Bag Section

  • Jab, cross

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet x3

  • 3 Jabs & cross

  • Jab, cross (50, 75 & 100%)

Repeat on other side

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet (long set of these – Cathe counts 8 then class counts – three times)

  • 2 Jabs forward & double jump with speedbag arms

  • 2 High punches & 2 low punches

Repeat on other side

Quick water break & move away from Heavy Bags at 35:15 minutes


  • Front kicks

  • Front kick, back kick, front kick & hammer down

  • Front kick & hammer down

  • Pull & pound

Repeat on other side

  • Jab, cross, double jab, cross, punch down, step & side kick with cross punch x2

  • 4 Attacks / 4 heel clicks

  • Upper cuts / flurry upper cuts / speedbags

Repeat combo on other side

  • 4 Pop squats / 4 jump ropes / 2 jacks

  • Jab, cross, jab, cross & 5 fast punches then switch sides

The workout ends with a 3:30 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

Try it today! Find out more about how to subscribe and to check out all of my Cathe Live Reviews - click HERE.

If you liked this workout, check out my review of Cathe LITE: Cardio Party – HERE.

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1 Comment

May 26, 2021

A great lighter day workout. I really enjoyed this. It's the best heavy bag routine I've done so far.

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