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Cathe Live Review: Old School Cardio & Kickboxing (#120)

Cathe Live: Old Schoool Cardio & Kickboxing

Cathe Live Review: Old School Cardio & Kickboxing (#120)

Old School Cardio & Kickboxing is a fun cardio workout that mixes old school hi-lo with cardio kickboxing. I really enjoyed this routine and was pretty drenched by the end. This workout was kind of sneaky, as it starts out a little lower intensity with a longer warm-up but then it slowly starts to ramp up and by the end you are really starting to feel it.

The routine starts with old school hi-lo cardio and this was a really fun mix of different moves. The choreography here is definitely more dancey than Cathe’s usual cardio workouts but if you are familiar with any of her other hi-lo routines, these are all pretty recognisable moves. The challenge here though is the camera work. For me, this was rather frustrating as the camera is often filming one of the class members when Cathe changes moves and sometimes they catch on quickly but other times they don’t. You really have to listen for Cathe’s cues to know what is coming, however, sometimes, particularly during the kickboxing she doesn’t actually cue the move for some reason. So she goes into something else without saying anything and when the camera isn’t on her this is even more difficult!

This section is about 15 minutes and all very ‘hopping- type’ moves so if you are sensitive to these types of moves you may wish to keep it more low impact. You then start to transition into kickboxing before taking a quick water break and going into the main kickboxing section.

The kickboxing is mainly punching, cardio drills and a few tabata style punching drills. There are a few kicks though, towards the end of the workout, mixed in with cardio blasts, including snow angel jacks and front kicks. The workout ends with more punching combos.

Cathe and class didn’t wear boxing gloves for the kickboxing segment but she does say that you can put gloves on if you want to. There is a water break at 26:30 minutes and I put my wrist weights on during it. This worked well for me, as the majority of the kickboxing is punching so this added to the intensity nicely.

Overall, this is a fun and varied workout that provides a good cardio challenge. It starts out a little slower so it’s a good one if you don’t really feel like working out and want to ease into something a little more gently!

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The Workout

Old School Cardio & Kickboxing is pure cardio workout consisting of hi-lo cardio and kickboxing. No equipment is needed for this workout, although I did wear wrist weights during the kickboxing section.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 48 mins. Equipment needed: None. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 3/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Old School Cardio & Kickboxing is 48 minutes long and originally aired on 29th September 2016 (#120). The workout starts with an 11:30 minute warm-up, before a quick break and then moving into the hi-lo section of the workout. The main moves are shown below and many are repeated several times. Also only the final combos are shown below but know that they are built up in layers to help you learn the moves before adding them all together. Intervals shown in bold italics below.

Hi-Lo Cardio (most moves below are hopping)

  • Heels (hopping) / hopping twists (different arm patterns) / little jump hops / 3 dribbles & shoot

  • Jump ropes / heels forward / knee lifts / insoles / 2 knees

  • Front kicks / side kicks / 4 kicks forward & 4 jacks back / angled scissors & jacks

  • 2 Heels / heel, cross, heel / 4 knee lifts (moving forward) & knee lift pushing back x4

  • 2 Knee lifts (speedbag arms) / insoles (turning) / elbow to knee (turning) / hamstring curls (turning)

  • Double hops / ponys (in place & moving forward / back) / double hops & 4 hops

  • Jogs & high knee runs / soldier kicks / pendulums / touch down jacks

  • Jack & jab / shuffle & jabs / icebreakers / jabs moving forward & back / jabs & sumo squats / fast punches (tabata) / hammer down / jump forward & back

  • Jab, cross, rock, rock, jab, cross, slow hook

Quick water break at 26:30 minutes (you can put boxing gloves or wrist weights on now if you want to)


  • Icebreakers / hammer down / chops in sumo squat / jump forward & back

  • Jab, cross, rock, rock, jab, cross, slow hook (other side)

  • Jab, cross, reach & knee pull / hammer down & knee lift (pulling the arms) – then repeat on other side

  • Fast jabs (tabata)

  • Slow air squats

  • Flying angel jack & 2 front kicks

  • Jab, cross, hook, upper cut / upper cut, hook, upper cut, hook – then repeat on other side

  • Front kicks / back kicks / side kicks

  • 1 Power kick & 3 marches / sequential power kicks

  • Slow air squats

  • 1 Power kick & 3 marches / sequential power kicks (other side)

  • Jab, jab, cross / jab, jab, cross / slip & upper cut – then repeat on other side

  • Jab, cross, jab, cross, jab (fast) then jump turn to other side

  • Plyo jacks

  • 4 Jabs to side

  • Plyo jacks

  • Step, cross & side kick, step back & jump up

  • Squat & side kick

  • Step, cross & side kick, step back & jump up (other side)

  • Squat & side kick (other side)

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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1 Comment

Nov 10, 2020

This workout is pure fun. It's definitely intermediate, so I grabbed 1lb gloves-- nothing too strenuous. Perfect for a lighter day.

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