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Cathe Live Review: Legs & Core Down On The Floor (#291)

Cathe Live Review: Legs & Core Down On The Floor (#291)

Legs & Core Down On The Floor is a Pilates inspired workout focused on the lower body and core. This workout reminded me very much of Cathe’s ICE: To The Mat – Legs & Glutes DVD. There is also one other similar Live version in the archive – #82 To The Mat Legs & Icy Core (review HERE). However, both of these workouts use the stability ball plus other equipment, whereas as this one requires nothing but a mat so is great for travel too. Of all them I think I like this one the most, as it works both the lower body and core really well, and I felt nicely challenged by the end. Now obviously this is not a really tough metabolic workout or anything so it is definitely for a lighter day but it was slightly tougher than I was expecting, which I was really pleased about.

This routine, as is the new norm, is just Cathe on her own again. I really love this format, as it is so much easier to see Cathe’s excellent form all of the time. Also she is really cute and funny when she is one-on-one and I can’t help but smile. This workout is completely floor based so even the warm-up is done on the floor. Cathe does the routine without shoes so is just wearing her socks (her feet are so tiny!) and I did the same.

The workout starts with a number of different lower body exercises. These are all very familiar from any of her other floor work sections, such as hip bridges, 1 leg glute press / raises, outer and inner thigh lifts etc. They are all generally quite high rep and you will definitely start to feel them. Also while Cathe is stretching you out, before moving onto the core section, she does mention different ways to increase the intensity and challenge next time you do the workout, such as, using dumbbells or bands etc so if you want to make it harder you can. Cathe’s rep count, for this section, was definitely a little bit off from one side to the other this time. Sometimes this was intentional, as she added on bonus reps, and sometimes it wasn’t. So the second side often gets far more reps than the first. I have noted the differences below, in case you wish to add on or alternatively just start on the other leg the next time you do the workout.

After a quick stretch you then move into the core work. This is done on the mat again without any equipment. You start with a number of exercises lying on your back and then move into planks before finishing with supermans and breaststroke swimmers. Towards the end I was also really starting to feel these too and I felt they worked my whole core well.

Overall, this is a higher rep but very enjoyable lower body and core workout done on the mat. It is great as a travel workout or when you don’t want to get out lot of equipment but still want to work the lower body and core well.

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The Workout

Legs & Core Down On The Floor is a lower body and core strength workout done on the floor using no equipment.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Legs & Core Down On The Floor is 54 minutes long and originally aired on 2nd April 2020 (#291). The workout starts with a 6 minute warm-up on the floor before moving into the first lower body exercise. All exercises below are done on the mat.

  • Hip bridges – 14x singles, 4x 3 pulses & 8x singles

  • One leg glute press (lay on back, 1 foot on floor, other leg raised to ceiling, raise & lower hips; point & flex toes) – 16 reps & 16x pulses (1st side). 20 reps & 32x pulses (2nd side)

  • Seated straight leg raise (point & flex toes) / inner raise (toe pointed out) – 94x straight leg & 32x inner thigh (1st side). 94x straight leg & 48x inner thigh (2nd side)

  • Outer thigh lifts (lying on side) – 80 reps

  • L position leg lifts (legs at 45 degrees) – 19 reps

  • L position pulsing leg down (like pressing down on a ball) – 31 reps

  • Inner thigh lifts (other foot behind leg) – 64 reps

  • Inner thigh lifts (foot in front of leg) – 42 reps & 8x 3 count holds

  • Outer thigh lifts (other side) – 84 reps

  • L position leg lifts (other side) – 20 reps

  • L position pulsing leg down (other side) – 30 reps

  • Inner thigh lifts (other side) – 80 reps

  • Inner thigh lifts (other side) – 56 reps & 8x 3 count holds

  • One leg straight leg glute raise (on all fours w/ 1 leg straight out behind you; lift & lower leg) / bent knee raise (same position but down on elbows & raise / lower bent leg) – 64 reps (straight) & 76 reps (bent)

  • One leg straight leg glute raise / bent knee raise (other side) – 64 reps (straight) & 96 reps (bent)

Quick stretch & water break before moving on to core at 33:30 minutes

Core at 34:25 minutes

  • Roll back & boat pose hold (roll back, come back up to boat pose w/ legs off ground & hold)

  • Roll downs (start seated, roll down sweeping arms around & sit back up)

  • V-sits (leaning back w/ arms out to side then raise up to V position (knees bent) & hold then lay back out)

  • Bike manoeuvre

  • Straight leg bike manoeuvre

  • Side elbow plank elbow tap (in side plank, hand behind head & curl elbow down towards mat)

  • Side elbow plank hip lifts

  • Repeat above two moves on other side

  • Elbow plank hold / rock forward & back & 1 leg lift

  • Supermans – upper body only & lower body only

  • Breaststroke swimmers (lying on your stomach with arms & legs raised off the floor – do slow breast stroke action moving both arms & legs)

The workout ends with a really relaxing 4 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

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1 commentaire

10 oct. 2021


What I liked about 291 is that there was no equipment. It was like an old school Firm Mansion episode.

The rep counts were off balance in a lot of places so I kept a "no more than 64" rule for any exercise and did my own counts.

The core work was strenuous which made me happy.

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