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Cathe Live Review: All Core On The Floor (#307)

Cathe Live Review: All Core On The Floor (#307)

All Core On The Floor is an enjoyable, more intermediate, core workout that is completely mat based. This was rather a different Cathe Live, as she has never done one that is just targeting the core before. I really enjoyed it and got a good workout but it definitely wasn’t as tough as I was expecting. The routine is only 34 minutes long but I thought, as it was only core, that Cathe would really burn out the abdominal muscles, like she usually does in her shorter core workouts. However, if anything, this seemed even lighter than those. Cathe took a lot of breaks during this one – pretty much after every few exercises and quick breathers in between each move. Also it is not a high rep routine so my core muscles were never really burning out. The only move I found more challenging was the side plank w/ reach and as we only did 12 reps, on each side, it was just starting to burn when we were done.

As mentioned, the workout is completely mat based. This includes the warm-up and most of the cool down and stretch. The main routine is only 27 minutes and absolutely flew by for me. There is lots of variety, in the different moves, and they target all angles of the core nicely. Also you do not repeat any of the moves, which I really like. The moves are generally done for around 12 reps but some are done for longer. You do a mix of exercises lying on your back, in side plank, straight arm plank, elbow plank and superman positions. Most of the moves are very familiar, such as, banana holds, bike manoeuvre and frog-style sit-ups, but there were a few slightly different ones or variations on the traditional moves so this kept it interesting. These included reverse tabletop, elbow plank up & over leg taps and V-position sit-ups. Cathe does show a few modifications, as she goes along, if you want to take it down a level. The only one I struggled with slightly, from a coordination perspective, was the bear crawl walks as it took me a moment to make sure I was moving the right limbs in the right direction!

For me, this is definitely an add-on workout, rather than a main routine, as it is a nice light workout that would pair well with some cardio or other strength work. Also as it requires no equipment, other than a mat, it is great for travel too.

Overall, a fun and varied core routine that will target that mid-section from all different angles.

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The Workout

All Core On The Floor is a varied core routine performed on the mat.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

All Core On The Floor is 34 minutes long and originally aired on 23rd July 2020 (#307). The workout starts with a 3:30 minute warm-up on the mat. All exercises listed below are done on the mat with no other equipment.

  • Crunches (knees bent & feet on floor)

  • Crunch pulses (hands pulse at knees)

  • Crunch w/ knee raise (lying on back; raise feet off floor & hold; lift head & hold; lower head & then lower legs)

  • Bike manoeuvre (in triples & singles)

  • Bike manoeuvre & hand to feet pulses (2x bike & raise knees up; pulse hands to feet x2)

  • Side plank hold (on elbow)

  • Side plank w/ reach (in side plank reach top arm & leg out & crunch in together)

  • Bear crawl walk (in bear crawl position w/ knees hovering off the ground; step 1 hand forward & back then other hand. Add same foot w/ hand)

  • Sit-ups & knee in (lying on back; crunch up to sitting position bringing in 1 knee w/ foot on floor & hands to each side; switch sides. Changes to singles & bringing both knees in)

  • High rise reverse crunch (lying on back; raise hips up then lower legs slowly)

  • V-position sit-ups (lying on back w/ legs out in a V; sit-up raising arms overhead)

  • Alternating seated twists (sitting up & leaning back slightly; bring one knee in to chest w/ foot on floor; rotating elbow to that knee; switch sides)

  • Straight arm plank rotations (start in plank; rotate to 1 side & raise 1 arm up towards ceiling; rotate back to centre & rotate other side)

  • Banana holds (arms straight out behind head & raise feet 6” off ground)

  • Frog hip bridges (lying on back w/ feet together & knees out to side; raise & lower hips)

  • Frog-style sit-ups (same position as above; do sit-ups raising arms overhead)

  • Reverse tabletop (knees bent)

  • Plank insole taps (straight arm plank & tap alternate insoles under the body)

  • Elbow plank alternating up & overs leg taps (in elbow plank; tap 1 foot up & over other; then back & switch sides)

  • Supermans – thumbs up T-raise (lying on stomach; arms out to sides in T-position w/ thumbs pointing upwards; raise & lower arms keeping feet on floor)

  • Bird dog (on hands & knees; raise opposite arm & leg straight out)

  • Pistol planks w/ shoulder taps (start in straight arm plank; push back into pistol press (or cannonball squat) then back to plank & tap each shoulder w/ opposite hand)

  • W-Supermans (lying on stomach w/ arms straight out in front of you & legs off floor; bring elbows back into towards the chest in w-position; add moving legs out & in)

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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