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Cathe Live Review: Cardio Weights Mash Up (#361)

Cathe Live Review: Cardio Weights Mash Up (#361)

Cardio Weights Mash Up is a fast paced cardio and metabolic strength workout. This routine went by really quickly and before you know it you are done. The fact that it is a no repeat workout definitely helps with this along with the variety of different moves. I liked this workout but didn’t really love it, as the many of the cardio moves I found awkward or they just aren’t ones I love. So the format was great but it wasn’t as perfect for me as it could have been.

The workout consists of alternating cardio intervals with metabolic strength moves, using dumbbells or your own bodyweight. The cardio drills are not done for too long but just enough to get your heart rate up. I was never really out of breath with any of these but they just got me moving and sweating nicely. The moves were all familiar Cathe cardio but as mentioned the selection was definitely not my favourite.

The strength exercises are all compound moves so these also make the whole routine more metabolic. They are also done at a reasonable pace so it would be difficult to go too heavy on many of them. Cathe used 5 to 15 pounds and I used the same. The reps are not too high but just enough to start feeling the work. I did find the sumo squat with bicep curls quite challenging as they are just so slow! I also liked the combo of different moves, such as, the rear lunge with curl and chest opener or the lying tricep extension with 1 leg hip bridge. These really challenge the body in different ways and also makes the time go by more quickly, as you are really having to concentrate on what you are doing.

Overall, a varied and fun total body metabolic routine.

The Workout

Cardio Weights Mash Up is a cardio and strength workout that mixes cardio blasts with weighted exercises.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Cardio Weights Mash Up is 39 minutes long and originally aired on 9th September 2021 (#361). The workout starts with a 5 minute warm-up, before a quick water break and moving into the first cardio interval. Cardio moves shown below in bold italics.

  • Squat & lunge combo – 16 reps

  • 2x Crossback lunge & bicep curl / 1x overhead press (palms facing back) – two 10# Dbs – 8 sets

  • Lateral jumps – one 15# Db (on floor to jump over) – 27 reps

  • Squat to alternating overhead press – one 15# Db – 20 reps

  • Lifted squat abductions – 40 reps

  • Rear lunge / curl & chest opener – two 8# Dbs – 16 reps

  • Squat hop & insole tap – 24 reps

  • Side lunge & overhead press – two 12# Dbs – 12 reps

  • Heels / 2x heels, 1x jack & tuck jump – lots of reps

  • Rear lunge (tapping Db to floor) & 1 arm front raise – one 10# Db – 8 sets each side

  • Lateral skates (in place & fwd / back) – 48 reps

  • Sumo squat & bicep curl – two 15# Dbs – 8 sets (slow tempo)

  • Lateral hop & jump – one 5# Db – 3 sets of 12 reps

  • Lateral raise to 2x scarecrow w calf raise – two 5# Dbs – 8 sets

  • Line taps – 42 reps

  • 1x Deadlift & 2x hip hugger (tapping one foot back) – two 15# Dbs – 12 sets

  • 2x Plank jacks & 1x mogul (side hop in) – 8 sets

  • Lying 1 arm tricep push-ups - mat – 16 reps each side

  • High reaching pop squats (in place & turning) – 29 reps

  • Chest push-up (hands wide) / tricep push-ups (hands narrow) – mat – 3 sets (4x chest & 2x tricep) & 7x chest push-up

  • Chest press w/ hip bridge – two 15# Dbs & mat – 16 reps

  • Sit-up & serve w/ 1 leg lift (around the world arms – circle under the leg as you sit-up) – two 5# Dbs & mat – 12 reps

  • Alternating 1 leg hip bridge & tricep extensions – two 10# Dbs (I used 12’s) & mat – 14 reps

  • Superman – mat – 36 reps

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute cool down and stretch.

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Fun, sweaty and quick. Definitely Intermediate, but maybe high intermediate. A great "time-crunch" workout.

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