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Cathe Live Review: Get Steppin’ 2 (#162)

Cathe Live: Get Steppin' 2

Cathe Live Review: Get Steppin’ 2 (#162)

Get Steppin’ 2 is a really fun cardio step workout. I really enjoyed this routine and got a nice workout from it. It’s definitely not the most intense workout but I was pretty soaked by the end.

This routine consists of five step combinations that are repeated before moving onto the next combination. The workout is a mixture of more athletic type combos and more dancey ones. There are also often blasts mixed into the combos or added in, when learning them, to keep the heart rate a little higher. This is more of a steady state cardio routine rather than interval training though, as the blasts are not done for very long but more just to keep the heart rate higher.

The workout reminded me of Cathe’s step DVD – Party Rockin' Step, which is a really fun video. Some of the moves are lifted straight out of those workouts and so if you are familiar with those that will definitely help. However, as usual Cathe is fantastic at building up all of the combinations slowly to help you learn the moves before stringing them all together (but not too slowly that you get bored!) There is quite a lot of turning and having your back to the TV so it may take a few tries to get this one down though. It is definitely more complex choreography than some of her other Live step classes. The third and fourth combos are the most dancey and have the trickiest combinations in them. I really had to pay attention, during these, to make sure my feet were moving in the right direction! Again being familiar with Cathe’s step terminology definitely helps, as I found I could just listen to what she was saying, to know what to do, rather than having to try and crane my neck to try and see her all the time. Also there is quite a lot of jumping in the routine but you could make it lower impact if you wished to.

Each combo is built up slowly and then repeated, usually four times through, although combo 2 is done more times. You then get a quick water break, after each combo, before moving onto the next. At the end you then put all of the combinations together, one after the other, repeating them a few times before moving onto the next one.

As usual with step workouts – be patient if you are struggling with the moves. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the steps the first time through just have some fun and eventually you will get or if not have a lot of fun doing so!

Overall, this was a highly enjoyable cardio routine for a day when you want to feel the work but not go all out.

(Note: I added the ‘2’ to the title as there is another workout with the same name from 25th February 2016 - #90 so just to avoid confusion. A full review of Get Steppin' is coming soon).

(For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE).

The Workout

Get Steppin’ 2 is steady state cardio step workout consisting of five combinations that are each repeated a few times before moving to the next one. The workout ends by running through all five combinations back to back. Cathe used a 6” full size step for this routine (one riser each side) but you could increase the step height further, if you wanted to.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 50 mins. Equipment needed: Full size step with one riser on each side. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 4/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Get Steppin’ 2 is 50 minutes long and originally aired on 10th August 2017 (#162). The workout starts with a 5:30 minute warm-up, which also includes a mini combo. You then move straight into the first combination of the main workout. Below are the finished combos but each one is built up gradually, in stages, to give you a chance to learn a few of the moves before adding on more. You will need to ensure that there is space all around your step, as you will moving round it in all directions.

Combo 1

  • Walk, walk, turn, walk, walk, turn

  • Step knee & straddle x2

  • Elbow to knee & triples around the step

  • Step knee & hold at the bottom, shift & knee

  • 2 Scoops on floor, 4 scuttles, step kick corner to corner

  • 2 Scoops on floor, 4 scuttles, step kick corner to corner

Quick water break at 10:50 minutes

Combo 2

  • Slow V on step, close, exit, lateral hop over step x2, 6 count pendulum over step, leg abductions x3

  • Mambo cha cha on floor x3, pivot turn

  • V on top of step, V on floor, shuffle

  • V on top of step, V on floor, shuffle

Quick water break at 19 minutes

Combo 3

  • Scoop on step x2, scoop turn, lateral hop over step & quarter hop turn

  • Jump shot on step, back it up & knee lift on floor

  • 3 Power turns on step, rock back, 3 knees around the corner, straddle

  • Insole on step & insole on the floor, reverse V step x2, 3 salute squats

Quick water break at 27 minutes

Combo 4

  • Double sweep around the step, full reverse turn, step touch (arms up)

  • Knee off the side of step, tap turn (Elvis), tap turn & box step

Quick water break at 33 minutes

Combo 5

  • Grapevine down the step, exit, turn in, grapevine down the step, exit, turn in

  • Diagonal basic, up & back, uneven squat & swim lunges x3

  • Step touch x2, rock press, turn into step, reverse turn

  • Rock press, turn into step, reverse turn

Quick water break at 40:27 minutes

Final Combined Combo 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (two times each) with Power Box between combo 3 & 4

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

Try it today! Find out more about how to subscribe and to check out all of my Cathe Live Reviews - click HERE.

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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2021

Ok, Stepping. Be advised that I'm an ambivalent stepper, at times a reluctant stepper-- but I make myself do it. I do have "some" dancy step experience, but I AM not a Step Boss- yet.

I knew 90% of the choreography. I rewound the workout far fewer times than I anticipated. The workout wasn't crazy fast like Intensity so I could almost keep up. Working against me were lack of familiarity with the workout/lack of anticipation and age. At 55, my proprioception (sp?) is off by like .25 of a Step. In a floor workout that is not a big deal. In a Step workout with intricate footwork it makes a difference. I need to work on that.

My Modification:…

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