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Cathe Live Rotation #6 – New Year 2021

Cathe Live Rotation #6 – New Year 2021

This rotation is designed as a high energy mix of cardio and strength workouts to kick off the New Year in the right way. I received a request for a post-holiday rotation, from a wonderful reader of my blog over the summer, so wanted to put something a little different together to keep everyone engaged and provide a new challenge for the coming month.

As the rotation is aiming to burn fat, while building and toning those muscles, it includes slightly more of a cardio focus with both steady state and Hiit routines (low and high impact), mixed with lots of strength training, using lighter and heavier weights. We will also be mixing things up with a few free YouTube streaming workouts, I have reviewed lately, for a little variety. However, if you are looking for a straight Cathe Live rotation, I have also given a Cathe Live alternative too. In addition, I have also included a few of Cathe’s new DVDs from her Perfect30 Series for your “off days”, as they are really fantastic recovery workouts. So if you do have them (or use OnDemand), you may wish to incorporate them, alternatively you can just do whatever you like for your rest day (or nothing at all if you prefer!)

As always, your “off” day can be moved to any day within the rotation, if you’re feeling sore or are in need of extra recovery. Also although the rotation below starts on a Monday, feel free to start on any day that works for you. In addition, as there is a little more cardio this month, please feel free to take an extra day of rest or a lighter workout, as needed, to make this rotation work best for you.

Links are included below to the detailed reviews for each of these workouts. If you don’t like a particular workout - feel free to substitute another similar workout (as Cathe has so many!) Also I have included an option for a shorter workouts, just in case the original suggestion is too long on any given day.

If you are looking for other Cathe Live Rotations to try, check out the links below:

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Hope you enjoy it and do let me know what you think!

For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE.

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1 Comment

Dec 30, 2020

WoW! I love how you made a rotation with sydney,heather and caroline also! I recently heard about Anna and want to check her out, this is going to be awesome, thanks!!

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