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Cathe Live Review: Fit Tower Light Total Body #210

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Light Total Body

Cathe Live Review: Fit Tower Light Total Body #210

Fit Tower Light Total Body is an endurance strength routine from Cathe Live using the Fit Tower. Wow was this one tough workout! Even though you are only using light weights and your own bodyweight, I really felt the work. My muscles in both my upper and lower body were really burning out, several times, during this workout.

For this workout, after a barre-based warm-up, you start with a group of lower body exercises, move to three groups of upper body exercises (using heavier weights each time) then move back to lower body, before moving towards the floor for push-ups and planks. Then you do a short core section using the Fit Tower.

The lower body work is barre-based using the Fit Tower. I used a chair and a step for this workout and had no issues with any of the moves so if you don’t have a Fit Tower or Barre don’t worry - you can still feel the burn! I only had to modify a few of the floor based exercises and these were very easy to do.

The lower body exercises are all seriously high rep endurance moves that work one side of the body, for a number of different moves, before repeating it on the other side. I particularly felt the plie pulses at the start, the second set of push dips and the high hip pulses – they were really hurting by the end. I really had to convince myself to finish out the set - particularly on the second side - the leg is already so fatigued from being the supporting leg, while you were working the other side, that I was really struggling at times.

The upper body exercises are mainly standing exercises using very light weights. Cathe use 3, 5 & 8# dumbbells. Initially, I wondered if I should start with the 5’s, when she picked up the 3# dumbbells, but I was so glad I didn’t. You would not believe how heavy 3# dumbbells can suddenly feel…! The weights Cathe used were just perfect for me, giving me a serious upper body burn - particularly in my shoulders. The straight arm kickbacks were really tough and the sets seemed to go on forever. The upper body exercises do focus more on shoulders, biceps and tricep exercises, and the chest is only worked through incline push-ups and planks. However, the back, unfortunately, is completely neglected in this workout so it’s not quite total body but still a fantastic routine.

The core work was a nice way to finish out the workout and it was easy to modify the moves to do them without the Fit Tower (modifications I used are detailed below). This section worked the core reasonably well but certainly wasn’t as tough as the rest of the workout.

Overall, this was an excellent tough, high rep endurance workout and one that I will definitely be feeling tomorrow!

(For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE).

The Workout

Fit Tower Light Total Body is a high rep strength workout that consists of groups of lower and upper body exercises and ends with a short core section. Cathe and class used a Fit Tower, light dumbbells and a resistance band for this workout. I used a chair and a step along with the dumbbells and band. However, I only used the step for the incline push-ups – which you could easily do on the floor if you prefer.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 54 mins. Equipment needed:  3, 5 & 8# dumbbells, Fit Tower / Chair (full size step with 3 risers each side), medium tension resistance band & a mat. Optional: Lifting gloves Fun Factor: 2/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 1/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Fit Tower Light Total Body is 54 minutes long and originally aired on 9th August 2018 (#210). The workout starts with a 5 minute intensive lower body warm up before moving into the first lower body section.

Lower Body - Fit Tower at hole number 8 or just use a chair

  • Plie pulsing squats (including with heel lifts)

Plie Pulses with Heel Lifts

  • Straight leg pulses to front

  • Inner thigh pulse lifts

  • High & tight (2 sets shallow, 2 deeper & repeat 2x more)

  • Straight leg pulses to front (other side)

  • Inner thigh pulse lifts (other side)

  • High & tight in second position – toes turned out & heels together (2 sets shallow, 2 deeper & repeat 2x more)

Water break & lower body stretch at 14.40 minutes

Upper Body - Pick up 3# dumbbells

  • Shoulder shrugs

  • Straight arm front raise to arc

  • Lateral raise

Lateral Raise

  • Shoulder circles

  • Lateral raises

  • Front raises

  • Iron cross

Quick stretch

Pick up 5# dumbbells

  • Bicep curls

  • Bicep circles

Bicep Circles

  • W curls

  • Straight arm shoulder press back

Pick up 8# dumbbells

  • Curl & press

  • Shoulder pulses & 1 arm overhead press

Shoulder Pulses

  • Tricep overhead extensions (pulsing)

  • W curls

  • Reverse curls

  • Upright row & reverse curls

Stretch for upper body at 27:35 minutes

Lower Body - Fit Tower at hole number 8 or just use a chair

  • Straight leg pulses to side

  • Push dips (standing on one leg with other bent behind you – dip down & up)

Push Dips

  • High hip pulses

Quick stretch for lower body at 34.15 minutes

Repeat above on other leg

Quick stretch for lower body at 40:50 minutes

Upper Body & Core - Fit Tower at hole number 4 or use a step / the floor

  • Incline push-ups – hands on Fit Tower or step / floor

  • Plank toe taps – hands on Fit Tower or step / floor

  • Plank leg lifts – hands on Fit Tower or step / floor

  • Forearm & straight arm planks (stepping legs out & marching in place) – on floor

  • Roll downs – sitting on the floor with band looped over top of the Fit Tower – roll down & up climbing down & up the band (I just mimicked this movement on the floor just doing rope climbs with the arms in the air)

  • Leaning back leg lifts – sitting on floor with band looped over top of Fit Tower - lean back holding the band & lift alternate legs (I just did this without the band)

Leaning Back Leg Lifts

  • Rear delt core complex – band in same position – underhand grip leaning back & come forward opening the band (I did this move with the band around my feet, criss-crossed in the hands (as it is done in Xtrain Supercuts))

  • Crunch up with leg lifts – 1 leg resting on the bar, other leg with heel turned out. Lift the head then lift & lower the leg (again I just performed this move on the floor, holding one leg up)

Crunch Up with Leg Lifts

  • Sit-ups – on the floor – sit-up with arms long overhead

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute stretch and cool down. (The Fit Tower is set back to hole number 8 – I just used a chair again).

Take Action

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1 Comment

Apr 21, 2021

Wow! Definitely high rep and it's a burner. I never got to 8 lb dumbbells! My upper body was too exhausted. I stayed with 5s! I did not complete all the push dips. I think this Barre workout is as challenging as Turbo Barre. The core work isn't too crazy though, so you get a bit of a break.

My Modifications: I did pushups and mountain climbers on the floor.

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