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Cathe Live Review: High Intensity Cardio Step (#8)

Cathe Live Review: High Intensity Cardio Step (#8)

High Intensity Cardio Step is a very intense, interval step workout that will really challenge the body.

I found this a very tough routine and was absolutely drenched and breathing very hard by the end of the intervals. For me, this certainly wasn’t the most enjoyable workout and I don’t think I would return to it, as there is so much jumping onto the step and I just don’t really like that anymore. Also the camera work is a little frustrating, as it is often not on Cathe or if it is it’s to one side rather than straight on, which makes following step movements a little more difficult, particularly when she changes moves.

The workout starts with a very active step warm-up and this already felt like I was working quite hard. You then have the option to increase your step height from one riser to two. Cathe doesn’t and neither do most of the class. I didn’t and I still found it plenty challenging. The main part of the routine is one cardio interval after another. There are a lot of them and you often do multiple sets of each one. There is no choreography here, they are just straight forward, high impact blasts deigned to get the heart rate up and you working hard. There is very little rest between most of the blasts and pretty much nothing between sets of the same blast – you just keep going. Generally, they are high rep moves and I really found some of them challenging, particularly the lateral jumps over the step as Cathe moves so quickly I was struggling to keep up a few times. Also the workout really ramps up towards the end and you just move from one interval to the next with no breathers, in between, at all. By the end, I was really struggling to catch my breath but you just have to keep pushing through.

The final section of the workout is low impact step with light dumbbells. Cathe used 5 pounds but you could use 3 pounds, if you prefer. This is just one continuous long section as you transition from one move to the next without any breaks. My shoulders were really starting to feel these moves by the end, as you do a lot of reps of lateral raises, bicep curls, overhead presses etc all while you are stepping onto and off the step doing leg / knee raises.

Overall, this is a very challenging cardio step workout but for me it’s not one I will return to.

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The Workout

High Intensity Cardio Step is a cardio step workout that ends with a low impact section using light dumbbells.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

High Intensity Cardio Step is 45 minutes long and originally aired on 26th June 2014 (#8). The workout starts with a very active 11:30 minute warm-up, using the step, before moving straight into the first cardio interval. The step is set up horizontally in front of you, with one riser on each side, at the start of the workout. Cathe and class are already doing knees corner to corner as the video starts so be prepared.

Hiit Step Cardio

  • Slam its / uneven squats (2 pulses & hop laterally across step) / swim lunges lengthwise off step – step – 12x slam, 8x uneven & 24x swim (1st side). 12x slam, 8x uneven & 32x swim (2nd side)

  • Jacks / lateral jumps (jump onto step w/ both feet & step down other side) / Power 15 or Power 7step – 2 sets (8x jack, 12x lateral & power 15) & 2 sets (8x jack, 4x lateral & power 7)

  • Step knee touch back & 4 power scissorsstep – 8 sets (1st side) & 7 sets (2nd side)

  • 2 Knee repeater & jack / 2 knee repeater (jumping) & jack / ricochet & jack / push up in place (hopping) / swim lunges – 2x repeater, 4x repeater (jumping), 8x ricochet, 12 x push up & 12x swim (1st side). 2x repeater, 2x repeater (jumping), 8x ricochet, 8 x push up & 12x swim (2nd side)

  • Power boxes (hop & knee lift around each corner adding one more knee lift each time) – step – 3 sets on each side

  • Jacks – 8 reps

  • Alternate knees x2, 2 jacks & 2 air jacks step – 4 sets & 4 sets

  • 3 Power turning jumps (1 foot on step) & rock back / power 7step – 4 sets (4x 3’s, 1x 7 & power 7)

  • Jump forward / back x3 (straddling step) & jump onto & off stepstep – 4 sets & 4 sets

  • Intermission: Jacks, walk around step, mambo on floor & power 3’s

  • 8 Step knee touch back (jumping) around the world (8 on each corner of step) step - 1 set & 1 set

  • Fast feet / jump rope / jacks – 4 sets

  • Jump over step lengthwise x6step – 6 sets

Quick water break & get out 5 or 3 pound dumbbells at 36:15 minutes

Low Impact Step Cardio

(All moves below using the step & 5 pound dumbbells. This is one continuous set of moves).

  • Basic steps w/ arms held ½ way in hammer curl position

  • Basic steps w/ hammer curls / add alternating knee lift

  • Step touch corner to corner w/ hammer curl / change to bent arm side lateral raise

  • Side steps w/ 1 leg abduction & side lateral raise (straddle step every 3 reps) / changes to hammer curls / changes to bicep curls

  • Side steps moving back w/ bicep curls

  • Side steps w/ Dbs held at shoulders

  • T-step off end of step w/ overhead press

  • Side steps (moving forward) w/ bent arm side lateral raise & U-turn

  • Side steps w/ 1 leg abduction & bent arm side lateral raise / changes to 1 arm front raise (hammer position then palm down) / changes to straight arm side lateral raise / changes to no arms then repeater knee & exit

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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