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Cathe Live Review: Switch It Up Bootcamp (#362)

Cathe Live Review: Switch It Up Bootcamp (#362)

Switch It Up Bootcamp is a no repeat, cardio and strength, workout that’s both varied and fun. I enjoyed this routine as it has a really good mix of different exercises, modes of training and it uses lots of different equipment. I felt nicely worked by the end but was not completely exhausted – more of a feel good routine for me.

This workout consists of four circuits of bootcamp style exercises and ends with floor work for the upper body, lower body and core. Each circuit includes two cardio moves and three metabolic strength exercises. The strength exercises use a mix of different pieces of equipment, including dumbbells, a stability ball, gliding devices and resistance tubing – so there is lots of variety and the time flies by.

The cardio moves often include different equipment too, including the ball or gliding devices. The reps are not too high on these and they are a mix of higher and lower impact moves. They weren’t too tough but just enough to get your heart rate a little higher and keep it up during most of the routine.

The strength moves are really varied and target the whole body nicely. I found a few of them quite tough, particularly the rear lunges, with 1 arm held over head, and the straight leg lifts, with the ball on the shins, – both seemed to go on forever! Cathe used 10 – 15 pound dumbbells for this workout and as the reps are sometimes quite high they worked well for me. The only move I thought I should have gone much heavier on was the chest press but after doing 32 reps I decided the 15 pound dumbbells were just fine!

The routine ends with floorwork, using all of the different equipment, and I was definitely feeling my lower body during this section, as you do both hamstring roll-ins, for multiple different sets, plus the aforementioned straight leg lifts. There were also a few core exercises as well and so this rounded out the program nicely

(My only complaint here is that the cool down is too short again and Cathe doesn’t really stretch out the upper body properly so I added on a few extra stretches at the end).

Overall, a fun and varied bootcamp style workout using lots of different equipment.

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The Workout

Switch It Up Bootcamp is a cardio and strength circuit workout using lots of different equipment. The routine consists of four different circuits of five cardio and strength exercises and ends with floorwork.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Switch It Up Bootcamp is 51 minutes long and originally aired on 16th September 2021 (#362). The workout starts with a 5:30 minute warm-up, before moving into the first cardio interval. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below.

Circuit 1

  • Reach down jumps – 23 reps

  • Bow & arrow – resistance tubing – 16 reps each side

  • Side slide lunges – one 15# Db & gliding device – 2 sets (1x slow & 2x fast) & 8x singles each side

  • Double hop / jog / pendulums – ball – lots of reps

  • Bicep curl / hammer curl / upright row / hammer curl – two 10# Dbs – 8 sets (1 of each)

Circuit 2

  • Line taps (“scoop water out of the pool”) – 32 reps

  • Step back lunges & 1 arm overhead hold – one 10# Db – 12 reps & 1x 7 pulses each side

  • Swim lunges – two gliding devices – 48 reps

  • Straight arm press backs – resistance tubing – 48 reps

  • Incline bicep curls – two 12# Dbs & ball – 15 reps

Circuit 3

  • Attacks (w/ legs straight & wide while jumping) – 40 reps (alternating leg positions every 4 reps)

  • Step out squat to side lunge (reaching Db to floor) – one 12# Db – 10 sets each side

  • Step out overhead press – two 12# Dbs – 16 reps

  • Mountain climbers – two gliding devices – 32 reps

  • Standing side bends – resistance tubing – 16 reps each side

Circuit 4

  • Puddle jumpers / side step & jump – 16x puddle & 24x step jump

  • Sweeper lunges (with various arm patterns) – one gliding device – 48 reps each side

  • Kettlebell swing & double arm lat pulldown – two 10# Dbs – 12 reps

  • Pulsing back lunge w/ bicep curl – resistance tubing – 12 reps & 15x pulse - 1st side. 16 reps & 15x pulse – 2nd side

  • Seesaw push-ups – ball – 16 reps

Floorwork at 33:45 minutes

  • Chest press w/ 1 leg bridge – two 15# Dbs & mat – 32 reps

  • T-Band pulls – resistance tubing & mat – 19 reps, 3x 3 pulses & 1x 7 pulses

  • Hamstring roll-ins / hip lift – ball & mat – 16 reps, 16x frog pulse & 16x fast. 6x 4 count (in & lift), hold, 6x hip bridge & 8x roll-in.

  • 1 Leg Straight leg lifts (ball on shins) – ball & mat – 48 reps each side

  • Plank jack & 1 knee to shoulder – two gliding devices – 12 sets

  • Mermaid – one gliding device & mat – 12 reps each side

  • Roll outs (on knees & w/ wrists on ball)) – ball & mat – 12 reps

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute cool down and stretch. (I added on a few extra stretches for the upper body).

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05 de mar. de 2022

Lots of fun. I didn't always use my gliding devices, preferring to do the moves with more impact. I really enjoyed the core work. Happy to report I'm getting stronger with hamstring roll ins.

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