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Cathe Live Review: IMAX Live (#17)

Cathe Live: IMAX Live

Cathe Live Review: IMAX Live (#17)

IMAX Live is an excellent cardio interval step workout. This routine is based on the Interval Max concept of Cathe’s DVD’s, of the same name, and will definitely get you breathing hard and sweating!

Cathe has three other IMAX workouts (Interval Max, IMAX 2 & 3 on DVD) and they are all excellent and tough cardio workouts. This Live class reminded me most of IMAX 2 – which is my favourite. I find that one the most fun and this was quite similar – not in terms of moves but more the feel of the workout and the style of the blasts.

The concept of the IMAX workouts is that you do a step combo straight out, with no build up, and repeat that combo six times before moving into a step interval blast. For this routine the blasts are generally a combination of a few straight forward moves (no choreography) that are then repeated for a number of sets – usually four - although some are longer and some have add-ons at the end! You will definitely be breathing hard during these! I found interval 3, 7 & 8 the hardest and I was completely drenched by the end of the workout.

The step combos are a number of more choreographed moves strung together. None of them are too complex, if you are familiar with Cathe’s other step routines, but they do definitely take concentration to make sure your feet are going in the right direction. There is also quite a bit of turning and moving over and around the step. Cathe did struggle on a couple of the combos – 4, 5 & 6 in particular so that didn’t help but she makes up for it by going longer until she gets it right! As usual with step just be patient and give it your best shot, whilst ideally having some fun along the way!

For this routine there are some differences to the DVD versions, as you do get slightly longer breaks between some of the combos and also there are only eight combos / intervals rather than the usual ten. So it’s definitely not quite as challenging as those ones but will still give you a great workout all the same.

Overall, this was a fantastic and challenging cardio step routine that will give you a great workout while having a lot of fun along the way. I will be returning to this one whenever I want a great cardio workout.

(For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE).

The Workout

IMAX Live is cardio step workout consisting of eight combos and eight intervals. Cathe used a 6” step (one riser each side) for this routine, you can obviously increase to 8”, if you would prefer.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 44 mins. Equipment needed: step with 1 riser. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 4/5. Coor: 3/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

IMAX Live is 44 minutes long and originally aired on 21st August 2014 (#17). The workout starts with an 8:30 minute warm-up, using the step, before doing some Power 3’s and moving into the first combo. The step, with one riser on each side, is set up horizontally in front of you. You will need to ensure that there is space all around your step, as you will be moving off every side.

Combo 1

(Power 3’s)

  • Figure 8 on step & on floor, diagonal shoot over the top, tap & walk around

  • Up & back / jack, up & back / jack

Interval 1 - Power box around the step (1 knee up then 2, 3 & 4 as you move around each corner), basic, power 15’s x2 – 4 sets

Quick water break at 12:30 minutes

Combo 2

(Alternating knees)

  • Insoles around the world (3rd hesitates), kick straddle, 2 kicks, 3 swim lunges

Interval 2 – Knee up & touch down x8 (jumping), power turning squats x7, rock back & power 7 – 4 sets

Quick water break at 16:30 minutes

Combo 3

(Side steps)

  • Rock horse on step, over face & over, side up x2 (moving back), 1,2,3 turn & double jump

Interval 3 – Knee off the back & 7x long hop turns & 4 sets of 1x plyo jack / 2x air jack – 3 sets

Quick water break at 20:00 minutes

Combo 4

(Side steps, grapevines & alternating knees)

  • Elbow to knee around the world x3, triples & come back, knee off the side & drop squat, pendulum, exit, shuffle down the board x2

Interval 4 – Squats in a box – 2 sets of 8 reps

Quick water break at 24:25 minutes

Combo 5

(Alternating knees with a lift)

  • Mambo cha cha on step, pivot turn, cha cha, hip hop repeater, pony around the world (with party arms)

Interval 5 – Push up in place x3 (jumping) & over (8 reps) / Push up - taking it around the step (8 reps)

Quick water break at 27:55 minutes

Combo 6

(Alternating knees) There is quite a bit of jumping diagonally on and off the step, added in, whenever Cathe messes up the combo!

  • Walk, walk, turn, walk, walk, turn, step knee straddle x2,

  • Hamstring front & back, knee off the side & shuffle repeater

Interval 6 – Fast feet shuffle on step / 4 jump rope / 4 jacks – 2 sets of 48 reps fast feet (moving around step) & 56 reps fast feet only (in place)

Quick water break at 32:05 minutes

Combo 7

(Side steps)

  • V on top, back it up, V on floor, shuffle x2, slow V (on step), close it, exit & 1x side up, knee off the back

Interval 7 – Step knee touch downs x8 (jumping), knee off side / lateral hop across step x6, knee off back – 4 sets & 2 sets of lateral hops x6 only

Quick water break at 36:30 minutes

Combo 8

  • Up jack, rock back, jump twice, repeater, exit

  • Knee off the side, 2x side up, knee off the back

Interval 8 – Power 7 / jump on & off the step x4 – 6 sets

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

Try it today! Find out more about how to subscribe and to check out all of my Cathe Live Reviews - click HERE.

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May 04, 2020

Hard, but doable. I enjoyed it despite the fact that I dislike cardio

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