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Cathe Live Review: Mobility / Yoga Fusion (#369)

Cathe Live Review: Mobility / Yoga Fusion (#369)

Mobility / Yoga Fusion is a really nice and gentle mobility / stretching session with a little bit of bodyweight strength work. I very much enjoyed this routine and it is perfect for a rest or recovery day. I felt a nice warmth throughout my body and my body felt really nicely stretched out by the end. It is not a challenging routine but just a really calming and feel good session. This really reminded me of Cathe’s Perfect 30 - Perfect Flow: Mobility Basics (detailed review HERE) as it is a mix of stretching and yoga type moves. I don’t normally like yoga that much (I do love Pilates though) but Cathe makes it so much nicer and so I always enjoy her versions.

The session starts standing with some moves to start to increase the body temperature and get everything moving nicely and then you move into a sun salutation flow that is repeated several times on each side of the body. All of the moves are done multiple times and you flow through sequences to work and stretch the body in different ways.

After this sequence, you then move to the floor for lots of different exercises, which each have a slightly different focus, in order to open up and strengthen both the upper and lower body. This includes cat / cow, superman variations, 90 / 90 hip mobility etc. I really liked the variety and the time just flew by. Cathe is very calming and it was just such a relaxing session. None of the moves are done for too long and nothing is too challenging but just enough to feel like you moved your body gently by the end.

Overall, a lovely, calm and relaxing session to reward your body for all the hard work it does for you every day!

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The Workout

Mobility / Yoga Fusion is a gentle stretch, mobility and yoga strength routine.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Mobility / Yoga Fusion is 47 minutes long and originally aired on 4th November 2021 (#369). Cathe and many of the class are just wearing socks for this routine and are standing on a yoga mat. The main moves are listed below but know that many are repeated or done in little sequenced flows.

  • Shoulder circles / arm circles / elbow circles

  • Figure 8’s w/ side to side lunges / stir the pot / straight arm circles

  • Sumo squats (sweep arms up & down)

  • Low sumo squat hold

  • Forward fold

  • Mountain pose

  • Lunge stretch

  • Downward facing dog / plank / upward dog

  • Forward fold half lift / chair pose / back bend

  • Downward facing dog walking heels

  • High lunge stretch (back knee lifted) rotation (rotating elbow to sky)

  • 3-Leg down dog (back leg lifted)

  • Butterfly stretch (feet together & knees open)

  • Seated figure 4 stretch

  • Half lotus position & side bend

  • Cross legged stretch – neck stretch

  • Hip circles in tabletop

  • Childs pose

  • Cat / cow pose

  • Wrist stretches in tabletop

  • Thread the needle

  • Rainbow stretch (lying on side knees bent – rotate 1 arm around in circle over head & back)

  • Wide frog stretch (groin stretch – supported on hands)

  • 90/90 Mobility progression

  • Lying quad stretch

  • Superman (pull arms into W / arms to low back)

  • Cat / cow pose

  • Seated neck stretches

Take Action

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