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Cathe Live Review: Bootcamp w Step (#40)

Cathe Live Review: Bootcamp w Step (#40)

Bootcamp w Step is a fun, fairly intense, total body cardio and strength workout. Being that I am not usually a big fan of step workouts, I was really pleased that I actually rather like this one! I got a great workout, really enjoyed it and the time just flew by.

The workout consists of eight rounds of cardio and strength work, and ends with a giant set of exercises for core. Each round includes one cardio blast on the step, one lower body and one upper body exercise. The cardio intervals are all very straight forward blasts – no choreography. The reps are not as high as many of Cathe’s routines but I did find they got my heart rate up nicely. Some are slightly easier and some are a little tougher so it’s a good mix. Also there is not straight jumping onto or over the step, which is probably one of the reasons I really like it.

The strength work is fairly high rep for both upper and lower body. There are no compound moves and all of them are done on the floor or just using the step as a weight bench. I found these worked me pretty well and I was struggling on the last few reps of a few moves, such as, the overhead presses. Cathe generally used slightly heavier weights, given the number of reps, and these worked well for me too. The only moves I increased on were for the lower body and would probably go even heavier next time. All of the upper body muscle groups are hit at least once although triceps, biceps and shoulders get the most work. You do get short rests, in between some of the moves, but the workout generally moves at a reasonable pace and so my heart rate stayed a little more elevated throughout.

The routine ends with a short core section on the floor. There are six different moves and these challenged my whole core nicely. There are lots of planks and oblique work so it’s a good end to a total body workout.

Overall, this is an excellent and enjoyable, total body, challenge using the step and is definitely one I will return to.

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The Workout

Bootcamp w Step is a cardio and strength circuit workout. The routine consists of eight rounds of one step cardio blast, one lower body and one upper body strength move. The workout ends with a short core section on the floor. Cathe used light to moderate dumbbells, a full size step with two risers on each side and a mat for this workout.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Bootcamp w Step is 52 minutes long and originally aired on 26th February 2015 (#40). The workout starts with a 5:30 minute warm-up, using the step, before moving into the first cardio blast. The step, with two risers on each side, is set up horizontally in front of you at the start of the workout. You will need to ensure that the rest of your equipment is handy but not blocking your step, as you will need to move off every side of the step. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below.

Circuit 1

  • Power 15’s / jacks – step - 4 sets & 16x jacks

  • Squats – two 15# Dbs (I used 20’s) - 24 reps & 8 reps

  • Rear delt flys – two 12# Dbs – 12 reps, 10 reps & 8 reps

Circuit 2

  • Knee up, down tap (around the world – each corner of step) / jacks – step – 1 set & 16x jacks

  • Plie squats – two 15# Dbs – 28 reps, 4x 3 pulses & 1x 7 pulses

  • Overhead press - two 12# Dbs – 2 sets (2x 1 arm & 2x both), 8x both arms, 2 sets (1 arm at a time) of each 2 reps, 3 reps & 4 reps then 8x both

Circuit 3

  • Knee off side of step & lateral hops (across step) x6 / jacks – step – 4 sets & 16x jacks

  • Crossback lunges off step - one 15# Db & step – 4x 15 pulses, 4x pulse (one side), 4x 3 pulse (other side)

  • Overhead tricep extensions – two 12# Dbs – 18 reps (2/2 count)

Circuit 4

  • 2 Straddle jumps & 1 burpee – step - 6 sets

  • Alternating back lunges – two 15# Dbs – 8x 3 pulses, 8x 3.5’s & 4x 7 pulses

  • Hammer curls / isometric hold / bicep curls – two 12# Dbs – 12x hammer, hold & 4x bicep (2/4 count)

Circuit 5

  • Push up hops on step (in 4’s, 2’s & singles) / fast feet – step – 2x 14 sets & 32x fast feet

  • Squats – two 15# Dbs (I used 20’s) - 28 reps

  • Tricep dips w/ 1 leg extended – step – 32 reps each side

Circuit 6

  • Ricochets & 1 jack / jacks – step – 6 sets, 8x jacks, 6 sets (other side) & 8x jacks

  • Alternating side lunges – two 10# Dbs (I used 12’s) - 24 reps

  • Lateral raises – two 8# Dbs – 8x 1 arm, 13x both, 16x 1 arm

Circuit 7

  • Squats in a box – step - 8 reps each side

  • Plie squats - two 12# Dbs – 8x singles, 1x 15 pulse, 2x 7 pulses, 4x 3 pulses & 8x singles

  • Crazy 8 bicep curls – two 12# Dbs – 1 set & 8x single curls

Circuit 8

  • Leg abduction off side, drop & pop (3 leg abductions (hopping) off side of step) / jacks – step – 12 sets & 16x jacks

  • Deadlifts - two 15# Dbs (I used 20’s) – 20 reps (2/2 & 3/1 counts)

  • Push-ups – mat - 10 reps, 8 reps & 6 reps

Core on mat at 44:55 minutes

  • Seated 1 arm knee-ins (lying on side of one cheek, bring knees in towards 1 arm & out) – mat -16 reps each side

  • Side elbow plank hip lifts – mat - 16 reps each side

  • Sit-ups raising 1 leg at a time – mat - 16 reps

  • Side elbow plank elbow tap (in side plank, hand behind head & curl elbow down towards mat) – mat - 12 reps on each side

  • Straight arm plank knee-ins – mat - 8 reps each side

  • Elbow plank shift (in plank; shift body forward & back to 2/2 counts) – mat - 6 reps

The workout ends with a 2 minute cool down and stretch. As Cathe didn’t really stretch out the upper body again, I added a few extra stretches on the end.

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08 de jun. de 2020

Well-designed and challenging. One of her best Live workouts-- hall of fame. I worked hard and enjoyed it. I did the jump straddles on the floor and only used 8s on my delts, but other than that it was all straight forward

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