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Cathe Live Review: Kickboxing Plus Core (#255)

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core

Cathe Live Review: Kickboxing Plus Core (#255)

Kickboxing Plus Core is a steady state cardio kickboxing workout with a nice core section at the end. This was definitely a much more intermediate level routine, than some of Cathe’s kickboxing workout, and more in keeping with her recent Live kickboxing workouts that have been on the easier side.

I really enjoyed this workout as it was little bit different to Cathe’s usual kickboxing routines. There were some new combinations and the general flavour and flow was interesting. However, this felt very light in terms of intensity. The kickboxing was a mix of cardio boxing, a few cardio drills, heavy bag work, punching combos and leg conditioning drills. There were only a few cardio drills and they were not done for very long. The majority of the workout is cardio moves and punching so the choreography is pretty easy here too - as they are all familiar moves just put together in different patterns.

The workout starts with a long warm-up and then moves into mainly cardio with a boxing feel to it. You then move to the heavy bags for punching combos and tabatas. I don’t have a heavy bag so I just used wrist weights and shadow boxed instead. Following this section, you then do cardio drills and punching combos. You then repeat the same format for these two sections but with different moves and finally end the kickboxing section with leg conditioning drills. For this section you take your gloves off and perform high rep of various kicks – no jumping.

The final section is core work on the floor. I enjoyed this section and found it a nice mix of different moves that worked the core well.

Overall, this is an intermediate level cardio kickboxing and core workout that includes some different moves and combinations. This is a good workout for a lighter day and that is the way I will use it in future.

(For more information about Cathe Live, how to sign up & to see all of my Cathe Live reviews, click HERE).

The Workout

Kickboxing Plus Core is a steady state cardio kickboxing workout that ends with a short core section. Cathe and class used boxing gloves for this workout and a heavy bag. I used wrist weights and shodow boxed instead of using a bag.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 50 mins. Equipment needed: Gloves or wrist weights & a mat.. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 2/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Kickboxing Plus Core is 50 minutes long and originally aired on 11th July 2019 (#255). The workout starts with a 9 minute warm-up before a quick water break and moving into the cardio boxing.

The combos below are often built up slowly so you have a chance to learn the moves before stringing them all together. Just the final combos are shown below.


  • Shuffle

  • Tap leg out & punch up (whilst hopping)

  • Jacks / shuffle

  • Shuffle travel x3 & punch / then hook / then upper cut

  • Side steps / jump rope

Repeat on other side

  • Step out into squat pulses (jump feet forward & side)

  • 2 Side step & step together side kick

  • 2 Jabs high, 2 cross low

  • 2 Low hook, 2 high hook

  • Back weave & cross

Repeat on other side

Move to Heavy Bag (at 18 mins)

  • Jabs

  • 2 Jabs & speed bag (whilst hopping)

  • Tabata runs with fast punches / jacks

Move away from Heavy Bag (at 20:50 mins)

  • 4 Attacks (jumping legs out) / 4 heel clicks

  • 2 Jabs, cross, jab

  • Cross high & cross low

  • Open & attack (jumping)

Repeat combo on other side

Move to Heavy Bag (at 25 mins)

  • 3 Jabs & cross

  • Jab, cross

  • Tabata runs with fast punches x3

Repeat combo on other side

Move away from Heavy Bag (at 30:20 mins)

  • 4 Pop squats / 4 jump ropes / 2 jacks

  • Jab, cross, hook, upper

  • Fast cross, jab, cross

  • Duck & upper cut

Repeat combo on other side

Take gloves off. Quick water break

Leg Conditioning Drills

  • Alternating front kicks

  • 2 Side kicks

  • Single side kicks

Repeat on other side

  • Marching sumo squats – forward & back

Quick cool down & stretch before moving to the mat on the floor for core (at 39 mins)

Core on the mat (at 42 mins)

  • Ankle grabber sit-ups

  • X-crunches

  • Rotating tap crunches (leaning back, rotate - bringing bent legs in, touching hand to foot)

Rotating Tap Crunches

  • Triangle choke reverse lifts (lying on back with one leg hooked behind the other lift up the hips)

Triangle Choke Reverse Lifts

  • Reverse crunches

  • Bear crawl tap-ins (in bear crawl position, walk in each foot under body & back out)

Bear Crawl Tap-Ins

  • Canon ball squats

  • Supermans (elbows bent / reaching straight arms forward & back)

The workout ends with a quick 1 minute stretch as you have already stretched out your lower body earlier.

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