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Cathe Live Review: Cardio Kickbox Mashup (#337)

Cathe Live Review: Cardio Kickbox Mashup (#337)

Cardio Kickbox Mashup is a fantastic cardio workout that’s packed with lots of variety and absolutely flies by. I really loved this routine and it may actually be one of my new favourite kickboxing workouts! For me, the mix of different moves and styles really made it enjoyable and I was nice and sweaty by the end.

The workout is a mix of boxing, kickboxing and cardio moves. For some of the routine, where she is focused on boxing, Cathe is wearing boxing gloves and for others, where it is more cardio type intervals, she removes them. I loved the different styles, as you never know what is coming next and so there is no dread factor at all.

The routine starts with a long, more boxing focused, warm-up. This was a nice way to ease into the workout, although I definitely did start to feel the work in my shoulders towards the end with the boxing gloves on (or wrist weights in my case). However, I did do one of Caroline Girvan’s pretty intensive upper body workouts yesterday so that probably didn’t help either! You then start to ramp it up a little with some cardio boxing before taking a quick water break and moving into the main body of the workout. The next section is mainly cardio drills with a mix of lower and higher impact moves that got my heart rate up nicely. This section is done without the gloves. Cathe says at the end of the workout that she was having “one of those days” and to be honest I was too but once I got into the workout, I was having so much fun that it didn’t really feel like working out! (So just in case you are having one of those too – once you are done with the set of lateral hops / jacks / air jacks then there is nothing else to worry about, as all the rest of the moves are less intense and there are only 24 “Attacks” near the end to get through!) The whole workout is not crazy intense but does get your heart rate up and feeling nicely worked without completely exhausting you.

The third section is then using the boxing gloves again for boxing combos. These are all really easy to follow and there is no complex choreography. The combos are just a few very familiar punches put together, such as, jab, cross, hook and upper cut. The workout ends with a short series of kicks and line taps, without the gloves, and this rounds out the routine nicely.

Overall, a really fun, mixed impact, cardio routine that I will definitely be returning to frequently.

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The Workout

Cardio Kickbox Mashup is a mixed impact pure cardio workout consisting of a variety of boxing, kickboxing and cardio moves.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Cardio Kickbox Mashup is 49 minutes long and originally aired on 4th March 2021 (#337). The workout starts with a 09:30 minute warm-up (best guess), before moving into the first cardio drills. The main moves are shown below and are often repeated on the other side. Cathe has her boxing gloves already on at the start of the routine.

Warm-up Starts With Gloves On

  • Tap outs & punch up / tap outs & hook

At 11:15 Minutes Take Gloves Off

  • Sumo squat jumps / heels in hops / jump rope

  • Lateral jumps / jacks / air jacks

  • 1 Arm speedbag, punch & retreat / slides (w/ circle arms)

  • Hammer punch lunge & knee lift

  • Forward reaching lunges (reaching down & forward)

  • Pull & pound

  • Step out, out, in, in / hot feet (high knee march)

  • Jump rope

  • Sumo squat pulses (feet forward & out)

  • Knee lifts (front & side)

  • Lunge & front kick

  • Side lunge & crescent knee

  • Side kicks / double side kicks

At 27:20 Minutes Put Gloves Back On

  • Jab, cross

  • Jab, cross, hook

  • Jab, cross, hook & upper cut

  • Upper cuts

  • 2 Heels & speedbag arms (hopping)

  • Jacks (turning)

  • Shuffle & jab / jacks / fast scissors (moving back & forward) / 4 jabs to side & 4 jacks

  • Punches walking forward & back

  • Jab, jab, hook / jab, jab, punch down / jab, jab, upstrike / jab, jab, horizontal strike

  • Walkout to 4 push-ups

  • Punches walking forward & back

  • Jab, cross, hook & upper cut / 2 jabs & squat (duck)

  • Attacks

At 39:55 Minutes Take Gloves Off

  • 3 March & front kick / alternating front kicks / back kick & front kick

  • Line taps (scoop water out of the pool)

  • Side kicks & tap

The workout ends with a 2:30 minute cool down and stretch.

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30. Dez. 2021

A More intermediate workout and that suited me just fine. Lots of variety. Almost zero dread factor. A+

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