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Cathe Live Review: Gloved Up & Ready (#87)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Cathe Live: Gloved Up & Ready

Cathe Live Review: Gloved Up & Ready (#87)

Gloved Up & Ready is an enjoyable cardio boxing and metabolic strength workout. This workout really flew by and I loved it!

The workout starts with cardio boxing and finishes with a short metabolic strength section, using lighter dumbbells. This was a great combination as it keeps your heart rate elevated throughout.

The cardio boxing is a mix of punching combos, cardio drills and Heavy Bag work. You start with the cardio boxing, which is all very straight forward punching and cardio intervals. These will all be very familiar moves if you have done any of Cathe’s other boxing routines. There is no complex choreography to learn and the combos are just a few different punches strung together. As usual though, Cathe does break them down into layers so you have a chance to get familiar with the moves as you go. The cardio intervals are also very straightforward – usually just one move repeated for a number of reps, for example ‘attacks’ or touch down jacks.

In between the cardio boxing you also do two Heavy Bag sections. These are just punch combos on the Heavy bag and then tabata style punching. These aren’t true tabatas but are more just fast punching, while running the feet, for a period of time before doing a less intense move. You do four tabatas the first time and two more the second time you go to the bag. As I don’t have a bag, I shadow boxed as usual. The use of weighted gloves or wrist weights here helps to increase the intensity a little more, if you don’t have a bag. The final part of the cardio boxing section is more punching and cardio drills. You then get a quick water break, take off your gloves and get out your dumbbells for the metabolic strength section.

The workout ends with seven metabolic strength exercises. These are all fairly compound moves and serve to keep your heart rate up nicely. Although you are moving reasonably quickly from one thing to the next, you do get little breathers here and there. Cathe used lighter dumbbells for this section. I did increase my weights on a few exercise and this worked well for me. The exercises are all familiar moves and are generally not high rep. They are more there for light toning and endurance rather than real strength training.

(Al from Cathe’s earlier DVDs is also in this workout again on Cathe’s right).

Overall, this is an excellent cardio and metabolic strength workout – one that’s great for a high energy day. I will definitely be returning to this one often.

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The Workout

Gloved Up & Ready is cardio boxing routine that ends with a short metabolic strength section. Cathe used boxing gloves (I used wrist weights), an optional Heavy Bag (I just shadow boxed) and lighter dumbbells for this routine.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Gloved Up & Ready is 50 minutes long and originally aired on 4th February 2016 (#87). The workout starts with a 10 minute warm-up (my best guess) before moving into more higher intensity cardio boxing. Cathe and class already have their boxing gloves on at the start of the workout. The main moves are shown below but where appropriate they are built up in layers to give you a chance to learn the moves.

Cardio Boxing 1

  • Jacks (turning) / fast scissors

  • Jacks & jabs

  • Jacks

  • Walk forward & back while punching / punching in place

  • 2 Hooks / 2 upper cuts

  • Attacks / punch down

  • Walk forward & back while punching

  • 2 Hooks / 2 upper cuts

Move to Heavy Bag at 14:20 minutes

Heavy Bag 1

  • Jab, cross

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet

  • Jab, cross (other side)

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet

  • 3 Jabs & 1 cross

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet

  • 3 Jabs & 1 cross (other side)

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet

Quick water break at 18:45 minutes. Move away from Heavy Bag.

Cardio Boxing 2

  • Jab, cross / rock, rock / slip & upper cut

  • Jump ropes / jacks

  • Jacks & jabs

  • Repeat combo on other side

  • Attacks (jumping) / pop squats

Move to Heavy Bag at 23:45 minutes

Heavy Bag 2

  • 2 Jabs high & 2 cross low

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet

  • 2 Jabs high & 2 cross low (other side)

  • Tabata run – fast punching & running the feet

Move away from Heavy Bag at 26:30 minutes

Cardio Boxing 3

  • 2 Jabs / triples (cross, jab, cross – fast) / upper cut & body shot, upper cut & body shot (other side)

  • Touch down jacks / jump ropes

  • Scissor, scissor, wide jump & jump up

Quick water break. Take gloves off & get out dumbbells at 32:25 minutes

Metabolic Strength Training at 33:15 minutes

  • Straight arm front raise & alternating reverse lunge with military press (do front raise but when dbs overhead, reverse lunge bringing dbs down towards shoulders & back up, stand then lower dbs with straight arms (second part of front raise)) – two 5# dumbbells (I used 8’s) – 12 sets

  • Dynamic front lunge raise (forward leaning front lunge & knee lift with lateral raise) - two 5# dumbbells – 4 sets of 2 reps (3 lateral raises)

Dynamic front lunge raise

  • Static lunge & overhead tricep extensions – two 8# dumbbells – 6 reps (1st side) & 4 reps (2nd side), 4 reps & 4 reps

  • Crossback lunges & hammer curls (3 curls when standing) – two 10# dumbbells – 8 sets

  • 2 squats & 1 single leg deadlift (alternate legs for deadlift) – two 12# dumbbells (I used 15’s) – 10 sets

  • Sit outs & push-ups (do 1 sit out then push-up, in middle, then sit out to other side) – mat – 12 sets


  • Tricep kickbacks in plank – one 10# dumbbell – 12 reps each side & 10 reps each side

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

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11 de set. de 2020

I really liked this workout. Im not a fan of scissors,-- for some reason that move fries my legs-- but it's all good

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