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Cathe Live Review: Fitness Fusion (#63)

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Cathe Live: Fitness Fusion

Cathe Live Review: Fitness Fusion (#63)

Fitness Fusion is a unique workout that combines cardio kickboxing / Hiit drills and conditioning for the lower body and core. This is a really enjoyable and varied routine so the time just flies by.

This workout is a little bit deceiving, as it starts out fairly low key and then it starts to ramp up until you are really starting to breathe harder and feel the work. I was pretty drenched by the end of this and felt nicely worked. It’s not the most intense workout but it gets the job done.

After a long lower intensity warm-up of boxing moves, the routines starts with cardio kickboxing. This is a mix of punches, kicks and cardio blasts. There is no difficult choreography but just lots of fun moves that will really start to get you working. The jump kick combo, in particular, really got my heart rate up. There are also lots of jacks, travelling scissors and other cardio blasts mixed in to this section. The cardio kickboxing is done for approx. 12 mins before moving onto the next section.

After a quick water break, you then move into Hiit drills for another 11 minutes. This section consists of 8 different drills that will all be familiar to regular Catheletes. They include moves, such as, slam its and squat digs. You do one or two sets of these drills before moving on to the next. This section is not going completely all out as you do get short rests in between each one.

The next section is focused on the lower body using dumbbells. Cathe used 8 and 10 pound dumbbells for everything. I did increase my weights on a few of the moves as this seemed very light for the lower body. The diagonal lunges and side lunges though are done at a pretty fast pace so I think it might be difficult to go too much heavier on those. This isn’t the most challenging segment and it only consists of six different moves but does keep the heart rate up nicely and provide a little bit of conditioning for the lower body.

The workout ends with a short core section on the mat. This was an effective set of moves that ended with a plank series and supermans. I felt these worked my core nicely.

Overall, this was an enjoyable cardio workout that included some conditioning for the lower body and core. A great workout that eases you in gently before ramping up nicely!

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The Workout

Fitness Fusion is cardio and strength workout that includes cardio kickboxing, Hiit drills, lower body conditioning and core work. Cathe used boxing gloves (I wore wrist weights) and 8 and 10 pound dumbbells for this routine.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Cathe Friedrich. Length: 53 mins. Equipment needed: Boxing gloves (or wrist weights) & 8 & 10# dumbbells (I also used 12’s & 1x 15# dumbbells). Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 3/5. Coordination: 2/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Fitness Fusion is 53 minutes long and originally aired on 6th August 2015 (#63). The workout starts with a 10 minute boxing inspired warm-up before a quick water break and moving into the cardio kickboxing. Cathe and class are already wearing their boxing gloves at the start of the workout. The main moves for the cardio kickboxing are shown below.

Cardio Kickboxing

  • Shuffles

  • Scissors / travel scissors

  • Jack & jab

  • Jump rope / jacks

  • 3 Jabs & 1 cross / uppercut, hook / uppercut, hook

  • Jab, cross, hook, uppercut

  • Jacks

  • Knee lift, front kick, jump kick

  • Knee lift, front kick & 2 jump kicks

  • Jacks

  • Jab, cross, hook, uppercut / jab, cross, hook, uppercut / knee lift, front kick & 2 jump kicks

  • Jacks / travel scissors

  • Jump forward & back & 2 attacks

  • Uppercuts / flurry uppercuts

  • Jabs (front) / jabs as fast as you can (turning)

Quick water break at 23 minutes & get out mat, if you are using one for the cardio moves (I don’t do this as I find it to be a trip hazard).

Hiit Blasts at 23:40 minutes

  • Slam its – mat – 24 reps

  • Jump shot with 7 knee repeater – mat – 8 sets

  • Squats in a box – mat – 8 & 12 sets

  • Lateral skates – mat – 32 reps

Quick water break at 28:45 minutes & put mat away

  • Squat digs (turning after every 8 reps) – 2 sets of 32 reps

  • Long reach lunges – 42 reps

  • Quarter turn jumps – 8 reps & 16 reps

  • 3 Jumps & turn (jump forward x3, 180 jump, 3 jumps forward in other direction) – 8 sets

Quick water break at 33:55 minutes & get out your dumbbells.

Lower Body Conditioning at 34:15 minutes

  • 3 Walking lunges & plie pulses – two 8# dumbbells (I used 10’s) – 4 sets

  • Plie squats – two 10# dumbbells (I used 12’s) – 12 reps, 2x 15 pulses & 2x 15 pulses

  • Corner to corner diagonal lunges - one 10# dumbbell – 7 reps (1st side) & 8 reps (2nd side)

  • Sumo pulse walks - one 10# dumbbell (I used 1x 15) – 4 sets

Sumo Pulse Walks

  • Alternating side lunges - two 8# dumbbells (I used 10’s) - 20 reps

  • Back lunges – two 10# dumbbells (I used 12’s) – 2x 15 pulses, 2x 7 pulses, 2x 3 pulses & 8x singles

Quick water break at 44 minutes & get out mat for core

Core on mat at 44:40 minutes

  • Butterfly sit ups (hands behind head or arms straight out) – mat - 10 reps

  • 1 Arm sit-up (keeping other elbow anchored to floor) – mat – 10 reps each side

  • V-Ups (leaning back tuck legs in & then push them straight out, lying back with arms out then come back in) – mat - 10 reps each side

  • Windshield wipers (lying on back, arms out to sides & legs straight up in the air, move legs side to side, bringing legs 12-18” from floor) – mat - 10 reps

Windshield Wipers

  • Crunches (hands reaching towards heels / behind head) – mat - 4 sets

  • Hip Lifts (knees bent & legs straight in air) – mat – 8 reps of each

  • Elbow plank marches – mat

  • Elbow plank - jog knees (tapping knees to floor, first slow then fast) - mat

  • Superman variations - mat

Superman Variations

The workout ends with a 2 minute cool down and stretch.

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