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Review: Kickbox Burn - Patrick Goudeau

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Kickbox Burn Review

Review: Kickbox Burn by Patrick Goudeau

Kickbox Burn is a cardio kickbox workout from Patrick Goudeau. However, this is part of his ‘Patrick Presents’ series where he introduces lesser / unknown instructors, he has come across, to showcase their talent. For this workout, Patrick introduces Heather Corndorf - a kickbox instructor who’s class Patrick liked. Patrick leads the first part of the warm up and then hands over to Heather who then leads the rest of the workout. Patrick participates in the workout, along with three other exercisers, and then returns to lead the bonus core section at the end. As part of the ‘deal’ with the ‘Patrick Presents’ series he also promotes the fact that Heather has two of her own workouts coming out. These are Moxie Vol 1 and 2. They are both cardio and bodyweight strength workouts. Even though I liked Heather, I haven’t bought (and probably won’t be buying) her other workouts as they are each only 20 minutes. Now if they were both on one DVD I probably would try them. Therefore, I can’t say if they are good or not.

Kickbox Burn is a pure cardio workout that focuses on kickboxing – however it is very different from many of the other kickboxing workouts I have done (Susan Chung, Cathe, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Amy Bento etc). There are four 10 minute sections that you can do individually or add one or more together to create your own workout. The DVD allows you to customise the number of segments, via the main menu, or you can just select ‘Play All’ and it will take you through the warm-up, all 4 kickbox segments, stretch and the bonus core section at the end. The choreography definitely takes some getting used to and it may be that you miss the first rep of a move, as this workout keeps moving from one thing to the next without any real breaks. However, Heather manages the intensity well, interspersing a fewer lower intensity moves with the higher ones to allow you to catch your breath a little. The structure of each segment is a number of different combos, often both punching and kicking type moves, then a cardio drill before repeating all of this on the other side. It make take a few tries to get all the moves down perfectly but it is worth it as this is a really good cardio workout. I was definitely nice and sweaty after this one!

The moves are taught add on style but with only a few moves combined so you are not endlessly repeating the same moves. You do the first part of a combo then add the next part, repeat the full combo a few times then move onto the next thing. So the workout goes by quite quickly as you are continually changing the exercises. This workout also gives you some nice core and leg work too, as you alternate between more traditional punching / kicking with more isolated core work. For many of the moves you are hopping, jogging etc as you do the punches etc. There are also a few burpees in the workout but they are all done at a more controlled pace so no worries on that.

Patrick is, as always, fun as an instructor - as he comes across as a really sweet guy with tons of energy! Heather seems nice too and relaxes more as the workout progresses. She’s maybe trying a little too hard to start with but once she gets into it she is very motivating and encouraging.

The bonus abdominal section is a good core challenge and my heart rate stayed elevated through this section, as you move quickly from one thing to the next. This also includes mountain climbers just to make sure that cardio factor is still there. The format is the same as the workout – a number of different moves, one after the other, that are then repeated on the other side. The moves focus on all sides of the core, including planks, crunches, side planks and leg extensions etc.

Overall, a really good and different kickboxing workout and one I will return to frequently.

The Workout

Kickbox Burn is a pure cardio kickbox workout, consisting of four 10 minute segments after the warm-up and a bonus 10 minute core section. You don’t need any equipment for this workout other than a mat for the core section, if you are on a hard floor. However, you could use weighted gloves if you wished to increase the intensity further.

What You Need To Know

What you need to know: Instructor: Patrick Goudeau. Length: 61 mins. Equipment needed:  A mat. Optional weighted gloves. Fun Factor: 4/5. Sweat Factor: 4/5. Coordination: 4/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

Kickbox Burn is 61 minutes long for the full workout including the bonus core section (if you just do the 4 cardio sections then it is 50 minutes long). The workout starts with a 6 minute warm-up before moving into the first segment of cardio kickboxing. Each of the moves are done a number times before adding on a new move(s) or changing the moves. I did the whole workout, including the bonus core section, so that is what is detailed below. However you can always just select which segments you wish to complete from the main menu.

Segment 1

Kickbox Burn

  • Wide runs – kicking heels up

  • 4 Runs & 2 jabs to the side, 4 runs & 2 jabs – 1 to front & 1 to side. Then just jabs to front & side

  • Jab front, jab side, jab front & cross punch (stepping front & back)

  • Jab, cross punch (stepping front & back)

  • Front kick, cross punch

  • Front knee, back kick, front kick, cross punch

  • Punch to back wall & front

  • Then take it down to the floor for lunges – touch floor front & back

  • Front knee, back kick, front kick, cross punch & 4 lunges touching the floor front & back

  • Cross punches then cross punch & open palm punch

  • Body shots to corner & forward (slow then fast)

  • 4 Body shots & 1 burpee (standing at the top)

Then back to wide runs before repeating it all on the other side

Segment 2 (At 16 minutes)

Kickbox Burn

  • Start shuffling side to side

  • Jab to the side (stepping foot out)

  • Run the above & jab fast

  • Slow jabs to other side & then fast

  • 3 jabs & a cross punch – alternating sides, whilst running the feet, then start moving to the side as you run

  • Run in place

  • Knee lift to side bringing arm down to knee

  • Knee lift & upper cut

  • Knee lift & roundhouse kick

  • Knee lift, roundhouse kick, knee lift & upper cut

  • Upper cuts

  • Double upper cuts - alternating sides

  • Shuffle forward x4 then back & 180 jump, add 2 jabs when moving forward

  • Jump forward & plyo jack out & in

Repeat all of the above starting on the other side

Segment 3 (At 26 mins)

Kickbox Burn

  • Start shuffling side to side

  • 2 Slips to one side & then the other (bending knees in sumo squats) & add a hip turn at the end

  • Add a jab & cross punch at each end

  • Jumping jacks with hands in guard

  • 4 High speed bags & 2 jacks then 4 high speed bags, jab & cross punch

  • Jump rope x4 & jump in & out

  • Alternating hooks

  • Knee raise – hands at chest then add arm pulls

  • 2 Knee pulls, hook & upper cut then 2 Knee pulls, hook, jab & upper cut

  • Hook, jab, upper cut

  • Knee raise, ankle raise, roundhouse kick & cross punch then just roundhouse kick & cross punch

  • Cross punches then double cross – alternating sides

  • Punch up x2 & punch down x2 then run it out

  • Punch up x2, punch down x2 & run x4 then run it out

  • Alternating hooks

Repeat the above from the knee raises on the other side

Segment 4 (At 36 minutes)

Kickbox Burn

  • Start shuffling side to side

  • Start in sumo squat & twist torso then add alternating cross punches

  • Add opposite knee raise with cross punch then add a squat down in between

  • Jump rope

  • 180 jump turns

  • Alternating punches to the corner – slow then doubles fast then singles fast

  • Alternating cross punches x2 then run x3

  • Lunge down & knee raise – slow then faster

  • Alternating cross punches x2, run x3 then lunge & knee raise

  • In low lunge position – pulse 3x & lift back leg up, pulse x3 & jump up

  • Jump rope

  • Wide burpee & jump at the top

Repeat all of the above on the other side

Bonus Core – 10 minutes (At 47 minutes)

Bonus Core Section

  • Elbow plank hold

  • Elbow plank with knee twists (alternating sides)

  • Elbow plank - bring knee to shoulder & dolphin press (pushing hips back & up) then change sides

  • Straight arm plank

  • Mountain climbers

  • Hold side plank then hip drops in side plank

  • Lying on back – raise knees & push 1 leg forward & then the other – keeping head off the floor (hands pushing against the knees)

  • Lying on back – sit up raising alternating knees up (slow then faster)

  • Leg thrusters – leaning back on hands & pushing legs in & out – this changes from straight out to alternating sides

Repeat all of the above

The workout ends with a 3 minute stretch & cool down led by Heather.

Take Action

Kickbox Burn is available to buy on DVD, including from Amazon by clicking HERE.

If you enjoyed this workout, check out my review of Michelle Dozois - Peak 10 Fat Blaster HERE.

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