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Serious about those 6-pack abs? This Core Workout is for you!

So your nutrition is on point and you are building both strength and cardio activity into your fitness routine…what’s next…? How about working on developing that 6-pack, you always wanted, and strengthening your core, if so the 360◦ Abs is the program for you. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy – after all this is a Shaun T workout! If, by any chance, you are not familiar with him, he is the creator of the Insanity and Insanity Max 30 Fitness Programs (amongst others), which are probably some of the toughest fitness programs ever made… But wait – before you run away – this one is only 15 minutes and is only focused on core work – so no cardio and crazy tuck jumps!

Insanity Max 30 360 Abs

Why is it so great?

360◦ Abs is, in my opinion, one of the best all round core workouts currently on the market. So even if 6-pack abs are not your goal, I seriously recommend that you consider building this workout into your regular fitness regime. The 360 degrees in the title refers to the fact that it really does target the whole core section – not just the abdominals but also the obliques and lower back to give you a truly 360 degree workout. This is crucial for building functional fitness to support your everyday activities including moving and lifting objects, avoiding injury and staying independent.

The Workout

The concept of the workout is 15 moves – each done for 1 minute. There are no rest periods unless you need to take your own breaks – in this program it’s known as ‘maxing out’. You go as long as you can, with good form, and then when you need to take a break you do and then get right back to it as soon as you can. During the workout you will see the exercisers ‘maxing out’ at different times. At which point, they go and write the time they first maxed out on the chalk board and get right back in. The idea being you try to go a few more seconds longer each time before you need to take a break.

And yes you will probably need to take your own breaks! This is a serious core challenge and will test even the advanced exerciser. That’s the beauty of this workout though that it gives you room to grow as you strengthen your core and try to get through as many of the moves as possible before taking that break.

Insanity Max 30 Chalkboard

Shaun T Motivational Clock

There is a motivational clock on screen that counts up the minutes, in the bottom left corner, on the right it shows which minute you are in and a progress bar of how long you have left. This allows you to track your progress each time. It also shows the name of the move you are currently in.

Shaun T Giving Form Tips for Core Exercise

Shaun T is an extremely charismatic and enthusiastic trainer – he is genuinely encouraging and really wants you to succeed. He also gives useful form pointers, along the way, which ensure you get the most benefit from each move.

Modifier for 360 Abs

If addition, if you want or need to modify the moves to build up your core strength, there is a modifier, Danielle – shown below, who demonstrates a slightly easier version of each move. This is why this is such a great workout for everyone - whatever their current fitness level.

What you need to know

Overview of the workouts. Equipment needed - none except optional mat. Fun factor 4/5, Sweat Factor 4/5, Coordination 3/5

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

360◦ Abs is 15 minutes long with no warm-up or cool down. Although the first move serves somewhat as a warm-up, you may wish to warm up a little first. Also stretching a little at the end would also be useful (cobra, childs pose etc).

1. Speed knee abs (lying on back & alternating bringing one leg in at a time towards the hands)

Speed Knee Abs

2. Ski down abs (sitting up with legs off the ground, ‘ski’ arms down to each side)

3. Reciprocating pulldowns (lying on stomach, legs and arms off the ground (in superman) and alternating pulling down each arm to each side)

4. Scissor claps (lying on back, scissor straight legs and clap under each leg)

Scissor Claps. Core Exercise

5. Oblique tap backs (sitting up and alternate tapping each hand to ground behind you)

6. Reverse butterfly (lying on stomach with legs and arms off the ground then ‘rainbow’ both arms back and forward over your head)

7. Rope climb (lying on back, pull up on imaginary rope (4 counts) and then slide down (4 counts)

Rope Climbs. Core Exercise

8. Forearm to knee – left and then right (lying on back lift up body and twist to left knee (30 seconds) then to right knee (30 seconds)

9. Diamond back (lying on stomach with legs and arms off the ground – make a diamond with your hands and twist one side to the other)

Diamond back. Core Exercise

10. Genie abs (lying on stomach with arms folded in front of you and bring both legs in and out to hands)

11. Stabbing abs (sitting up leaning back – bring hand to opposite foot)

12. Low plank clapping abs – left first then right (in forearm plank lift one bent arm out to the side and down without touching arm back to the ground)

13. L-abs – left first then right (lying on back with both legs raised off the ground and bring one leg straight up and down (4 counts up and 4 counts down)

L Abs. Core Exercise

14. Side knee taps – left first then right (in side forearm plank – bring knee in to hand)

15. Punching abs (in V-sit – legs lifted off the ground (knees bent) and ‘punching’ your abs)

The workout ends with a reminder to cooldown after every workout.

Take Action!

Try it! 360◦ Abs is a bonus workout for the Beachbody Insanity Max 30 program. It is on a separate dvd (or on their streaming service – Beachbody On Demand) called Insanity Max 30 Ab Maximizer DVD Workout and includes three workouts – 360 Abs, Max 15 (15 mins of insane cardio) and Max Abs (15 mins of standing and seated core work with cardio). You can buy the dvds on Amazon.

Have you tried this workout? If so, let me know your thoughts!

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1 комментарий

13 июл. 2023 г.

I can confirm this 100%. I have made 6pack by just exercising insanity max:30, no other Shaun-T workout is good as this one for abs, but, BUT you MUST to take in consideration your diet. Example maybe goin into keto or just low carb diet. In my opinion I was eating mostly fish vegetables and occasionally eggs milk and very rarely any diary product.

I was in shape before I took on Max:30, i was working out other Shaun-t exercises before this one for about a year T-25 but it was not even nearly good as max:30, however once I start the max:30 in combination with my diet in 60 days i have made abs. And believe me, that lifestyle…

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