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Healthy Fit with Ty Review: 45 Min Full Body Strength Hiit w Dumbbell Supersets

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Healthy Fit with Ty Review: 45 Min Full Body Strength Hiit w Dumbbell Supersets

45 Min Full Body Strength Hiit w Dumbbell Supersets is a fairly challenging, total body cardio and strength, circuit workout. The whole routine is very metabolic and I was pretty drenched and worn out by the end. I have included the YouTube link HERE.

This workout is one of over 60 routines on Ty Ann Clark’s free Youtube channel – Healthy Fit with Ty. She also has a number of fun cardio kickboxing routines, plus other strength workouts, tabata, cardio hiit, bootcamp, core and low impact workouts. Ty is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist and used to be a Beachbody presenter. She is also a Whole Body Health and Wellness coach and has learned to manage both Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and is keen to support others to deal with health conditions / pain to be able to live their lives more fully. As she states, the aim of her routines is to make working out fun, with great music and lots of different types of workouts, to make sure her viewers don’t get bored. I really like her enthusiasm and very real approach. She also has a website with blog posts and more resources / information available HERE.

Ty’s approach and productions aren’t quite as slick as say Heather Robertson or Caroline Girvan but she has some fun and different workouts and I think she is worth checking out, if you are looking for variety in your fitness routines. Ty has also just started a 21 day challenge, on her channel, this week (4th Jan 2021) with more new workouts every day. So if you are interested, you visit her channel HERE.

This workout consists of seven circuits. The first six circuits are the main workout and the final one is the cool down and stretch. Each circuit of the main workout includes three or four exercises that you then repeat one more time. The first five circuits include two strength moves and one cardio move. The last comprises four strength moves only. Each move is performed for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest, in between, to get ready for the next move. In between each circuit you get a 30 – 40 second water break before moving into the next one.

The cardio moves are usually fairly high impact and include moves, such as, burpees and jump squats. However, as they are timed intervals, you can decide how fast or slow you wish to move and so can easily modify this to higher or lower intensity. Ty goes at a fairly controlled pace so it is not all out crazy but enough to get the heart rate up nicely and you breathing a bit harder. I did find the whole workout kept my heart rate up well, as you are moving fairly rapidly from one thing to next.

The strength moves are usually focused on one or two body parts at a time and so each muscle group is hit at least twice. You start with back / triceps, then shoulders / biceps, legs – hamstrings, legs – quads and finally glutes / abs. The moves are fairly traditional although some have slight twists on the usual, such as, changing hand positions or adding two moves together.

Ty uses a range of different dumbbells and unfortunately doesn’t mention what weight she is using. I have tried to capture the weights I think she used for each of the exercises below (but some are guesses!) Therefore, I had a good selection available, to ensure that I could pick what I thought would work best, in order to get the most out of the workout. Again, as the intervals are timed, you can go slower if you want to heavy up on these and really challenge yourself. I found the strength work quite tough, particularly on the second run through of each move. This is definitely a good workout to have a notepad handy so you can capture what weights worked well and what you need to change for next time etc.

As with most of Ty’s workouts there is no voiceover during the routine, it is just music only. However, there is a box that appears on screen to show you what is coming next each time and also form tips or modifications, where appropriate. There is also a countdown timer in the top right hand corner showing both work and rest periods.

Overall, an effective cardio and strength workout that with the right weights will challenge the whole body.

As Ty has so many workouts, I have highlighted a few of my favourites below, in case you are looking for some ideas on where to start (these are all clickable links and will take you directly to the YouTube video):

The Workout

45 Min Full Body Strength Hiit w Dumbbell Supersets is a total body cardio and strength workout consisting of six rounds of three or four moves that are then repeated. Each circuit, except the last, includes two strength moves and one cardio move. The last circuit is just four strength exercises.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

45 Min Full Body Strength Hiit w Dumbbell Supersets is 50 minutes long. There is a 30 second on-screen intro, before the workout starts, showing what is coming, the equipment needed and the format for the routine. The workout then starts with a 4 minute warm up, before a quick break and then moving into the first circuit. Cardio moves shown in bold italics below.

Each interval below is 45 seconds of work & 15 seconds of rest

Circuit 1 - Back & Triceps

  • Twisted flys (rear delt flys w/ palms facing down & back) – two 8# Dbs

  • Row to tricep press (in straight arm plank; dropping 1 knee to floor & row 1 arm then kickback; switch sides) – two 8# dbs (I stayed in high plank the whole time & used 10’s)

  • Burpee & 1 arm side lateral raise

Repeat above moves

Circuit 2 – Shoulders & Biceps

  • Bicep curl to Arnold press – two 10# Dbs (I used 12’s)

  • Twisting side raise (lateral raise w/ palms facing down then twist Dbs to palms facing forward) – two 8# Dbs

  • Weighted punches to 2 jump press (in sumo squat; punch forward x4 then jump in & out x2 while punching arms overhead) – two 5# Dbs

Repeat above moves

Circuit 3 – Chest

  • Tap out push-ups (start in straight arm plank; tap opposite shoulders then push-up) – mat

  • Chest press bridge (bench press while holding hips high in bridge position) – two 15# Dbs (I used 20’s) & mat

  • Burpee mountain climber (squat thrust then hold in plank & do 4 mountain climbers then jump in & up)

Repeat above moves

Circuit 4 – Legs: Hamstrings

  • Alternating lunge & hamstring curl – two 15# Dbs

  • Deadlift to squat – two 15# Dbs (I used 20’s)

  • Kettlebell swing – one 15# Db (I used 20# KB)

Repeat above moves

Circuit 5 – Legs: Quads

  • Step-ups (switch sides halfway through) – one 10# Db & chair / high step (I used 1x 15#)

  • Wall sit / calf lift (wall sit w/ alternating calf lift) - wall

  • Switching Jump squats (180 jump squats)

Repeat above moves

Circuit 6 – Glutes & Abs

  • In / out glute bridge (lying on back; bridge up hips; open & close knees then bring 1 leg & then other into towards chest) – fabric booty band (around thighs) & mat

  • Around the world abs (lying on back w/ knees bent over hips; crunch up & down then crunch up to one side then other) – mat

  • Upper to lower crunch (lying on back w/ knees bent over hips; crunch up & extend legs / arms then bring everything back in & lower head back down) – mat

  • Plank saw to hip dip (in elbow plank; shift body forward & back then dip hips to one side then other) - mat

Repeat above moves

The workout ends with a 6 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

Try it today! Check out Ty’s YouTube channel HERE.

If you liked this workout, check out my review of Heather Robertson: 1 Hr No Repeat Total Body Hiit – HERE.

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