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Olivia Lawson Review: 40 Minute No Repeat All Standing Cardio Hiit

Olivia Lawson Review: 40 Minute No Repeat All Standing Cardio Hiit

40 Minute No Repeat All Standing Cardio Hiit is an excellent standing, no repeat, cardio workout that’s full of variety. I really loved this routine, as the time flew by as there are so many different moves and combinations that you never get bored, plus there is no dread factor as once you are done with a move that’s it and you are onto something else. These are definitely my favourite types of workouts and the fact that it is wrist friendly and all standing means there are no burpees or push-ups either! I have included the YouTube link HERE.

Olivia Lawson is a personal trainer with a background in healthcare. According to her channel, her aim is that all of the workouts are designed with people of all fitness levels in mind. Currently, Olivia has over 110 workouts on her free YouTube channel, including Hiit, low impact, kickboxing, walking workouts, strength workouts – upper, lower body and core. She also has a number of different playlists to enable you to select the type of workout you want to do or to follow a particular challenge, such as, a 10 day walking challenge. Plus she currently has 14 “all standing” Hiit workouts so if you do need more wrist friendly options then she has a really good selection to choose from. I haven’t tried all of the different types of routines yet but the ones I have done I have enjoyed. I like her approach and the videos are professional and easy to follow plus she comes across as very friendly and nice! I have included the link to her YouTube channel HERE.

This workout is structured into intervals of 46 seconds of work followed by 14 seconds of rest the whole way through so there are thirty-eight different exercises in total. The moves are a mix of higher and lower impact with some bodyweight strength mixed in. Each interval is previewed on the screen before it starts so you always know what is coming. The exercises are often a combination of two moves and I really like that format, as you are then not doing just one thing for the whole interval and this makes the time go much faster. It also means that there is often a little less impact, as the combined moves are not usually both really high impact (some are). In addition, there are no really crazy moves like tuck jumps or air jacks, which was a nice change. So this is a great workout to get you really sweating and feeling well worked but not completely exhausted by the end. I liked the pacing of this one, as it kept my heart rate high but it’s not completely go, go, go all of the time.

Overall, I did find some of the bodyweight strength moves quite challenging, particularly the staggered squat to rear lunge and by the end of the interval I was definitely feeling my legs on those staggered squats. There are also wall sits and static lunges too so you get some nice lower body work in along with the cardio.

As with all of Olivia’s routines, I have done so far, the workout is done music only and you just follow along for each interval. There is a timer counting down both the work and recovery periods and, as mentioned, each move is previewed on screen, in the rest break, so you always know what is coming next.There are also bells to tell you when you are coming to the end of an interval and when a new one starts. These are also used in the cool-down so you know when to change move. I found this very useful, particularly as you are not always facing the screen so you don’t have to keep looking up but just listen for the bell to tell you when to move.

Overall, a fun and varied cardio workout that’s perfect for travel and ideal for those who have wrist issues or just don’t want to go down to the floor (as I think we all feel like that some days!)

Some of my other favourite workouts from her channel include (all of the routines below are clickable and will take you directly to the relevant YouTube video):

The Workout

40 Minute No Repeat All Standing Cardio Hiit is a pure cardio interval workout that does not involve any floor based moves. The routine consists of intervals of 46 Seconds of work followed by 16 seconds of rest.

What You Need to Know

(Rating scale – 1= lowest & 5 = highest).

The Moves

40 Minute No Repeat All Standing Cardio Hiit is 47:47 minutes long. The workout starts with a 3 minute warm up, before moving into the first interval.

You don’t need any equipment for this one but you do need access to a wall for wall sits and a mat for the cool down stretch, if you are on a hard surface.

Each Exercise Below Is Performed For 46 Seconds of Work Followed By A 14 Second Rest.

  • 3 Jack feet & alternating foot tap

  • 2 Prisoner pop squats & alternating foot kick

  • In / out push squat jumps

  • Jumping jacks

  • Lateral skates

  • Jump rope skips

  • Cossack squat drift (side to side lunges)

  • Narrow squat to back foot kick

  • Rear lunge to staggered squat (left)

  • Rear lunge to staggered squat (right)

  • High knees

  • 2 Alternating knee drive

  • 2 Jacks & 2 alternating kicks

  • Single leg kick (right)

  • Single leg kick (left)

  • 8 High knees & 4 jump lunges

  • Cossack squat knee tap & kick (right)

  • Cossack squat knee tap & kick (left)

  • Butt kicks

  • Step jacks

  • Lateral step floor touch

  • Bodyweight thrusters

  • Static jog

  • Crab walk & power jump

  • Heel elevated narrow squat

  • Alternating knee to elbow squat

  • Standing donkey kick (right)

  • Standing donkey kick (left)

  • Wall sit

  • Single leg lateral hop (left)

  • Single leg lateral hop (right)

  • Knee drive (left)

  • Knee drive (right)

  • In / out walk & jump

  • Static lunge (left)

  • Static lunge (right)

  • 2x Pulse RDL

  • Squat jacks

The workout ends with a 3 minute cool down and stretch.

Take Action

Try it today! Check out Olivia’s YouTube channel HERE.

If you liked this workout, check out my review of Fitness KayKay: 30 Min Tabata Hiit No Jumping – HERE.

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Aug 31, 2021

I haven't tried this trainer yet. There are so many good ones on YT now. I am glad there are no burpees. I don't do them anymore since I have so many issues with my lower back and doing the up and down moves really aggravates it. I just modify them if a workout includes them.

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